More than R $ 400 thousand have been seized in the state during elections

The amounts were seized in the municipalities of Alvarães, Parintins, Iranduba, Novo Aripuana and other.
02/10/2016 16h29 - Updated 2/10/2016 20h04
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During conference on Sunday afternoon (2), the Election Mailing Center in the Regional Electoral Court of Amazonas (TRE-AM), representatives of the Federal Police, Military Police and Electoral Prosecutor (MPE-AM) reported that a total of R $ 405 thousand have been seized in the interior of Amazonas state.

According to the official information in Humaita was seized R $ 143 one thousand, Anamã R$ 70 one thousand, Alvarães R$ 40 one thousand, Parintins R $ 20 one thousand, Iranduba R $ 70 one thousand, Santo Antonio do Içá R$ 8.500 one thousand, Novo Aripuana R $ 16.200 one thousand, Itamarati R $ 28 one thousand, and other values ​​in other municipalities.

The advisory states that the seizure of values ​​does not mean that they were, necessarily, for purchase of votes, but that all cases will be investigated to the Electoral Court is aware of the origin of values.

There is no certainty that the values ​​would be used to buy votes, but the money was seized and all cases will be investigated by the Electoral Court.

Besides kind values, They were also seized values ​​that would be used to purchase fuel, vehicles to transport voters.

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