Marcelo belies lies planted on social networks by the mayor Arthur Neto allies

Arthur walks spreading lies about layoffs servers, which shows a lack of respect and transparency.
17/10/2016 09h55 - Updated 17/10/2016 09h55
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From Monday (17) the candidate Marcelo Ramos begins distributing pamphlets belying a series of untruths planted by Mayor Arthur Neto (PSDB) in relation to its government project. as, according to Marcelo, It is a way to respond to the lies of the mayor without falling into the same mistake of planting false information on your application.

"We will maintain the level of our campaign responding to the mayor's lies with truths. Our campaign did not fall in baixaria to invent false information against the mayor's campaign. The whole town knows that he has not fulfilled campaign promises. The city knows that he rules back to the humblest ", said Marcelo.

The campaign Artur Neto lies are putting social networking through blogs and people hired to spread false information that Marcelo Ramos will fire the city's servers in GDR regime. "On the contrary, we will solve the stability of the GDR and update the basic salary today is shameful R $ 415 real ", says Marcelo.

Marcelo belies yet, contrary to what the allies say the mayor, it will not fire any teacher Selection Process Simplified regime (PSS). There will be also cooks layoffs and outsourced concierge agents. "There will be no layoffs, on the contrary, our management will never delay the wages of these servers ", defends Marcelo.

No street vendor of the popular galleries will return to Manaus streets. The Marcelo proposal is to bring to the galleries services and events necessary to attract the population. "Today the street vendors are confined and no customers. We will create for the public entertainment offerings within the galleries, to attract the target audience for the street vendors ", explains Marcelo.

Another lie told by Mayor Arthur Neto and his allies is that Marcelo Ramos will end the Women's Carretas, but the program will not only continue, as it will be expanded.

"As the carts, are programs of other actions that have worked, we will maintain and expand this service. We will also create the cart of the elderly and more social programs for all, as Mother Program, expand the milk of My Son in Arthur's management left 30 thousand children without milk, and also implementation of the Health in My House, Citizen Pharmacy, Security Safe City program and Ronda Community and the first Rehabilitation Clinic for Dependents Manaus Chemicals ", said Marcelo.

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