Marcelo says Artur condoned corruption in health

for Ramos, the lack of management and quality in the administration of city, allowed to take away money from Manaus Health.
10/10/2016 16h35 - Updated 10/10/2016 16h35
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The candidate for mayor of Manaus, Marcelo Ramos (PR), He said early on Monday (10), on NOW TV show Time, the operation of the Federal Police (PF) "Bad Paths" showed that there is a failure to respect the Government of Amazonas and connivance of the mayor, Artur Neto (PSDB) with companies that deviated more than R $ 200 million in resources of Amazon Health and asked the Federal Police to investigate and hold all involved in corruption with money health.

Marcelo Ramos stressed that in his administration, public money will be treated with commitment, management and planning. "What we want is to end this bandalheira and thievery", declared mayoral candidate.

Marcelo Ramos, the lack of management and quality in the administration of city, allowed the company to one of the prisoners of the operation "Bad Ways" also take away money from Manaus Health. No bid, company D. Azevedo Flores was hired by Mayor Artur Neto and earned $ 1,1 million for telemarketing jobs and combating Zika virus in health department.

"The connivance of the current mayor made the same gang to establish itself in the city. (…) Health is something that divides fields: management or policy. A health contaminated by the policy is a health which has no spending control, and allows the company of a prisoner by the Federal Police is contracted. It also allows the same company do telemarketing service and combat Zika virus ", said Marcelo.

Marcelo said that from January 1, 2017, the budget of R $ 800 million from the Municipal Health Department will be used for the benefit of the population of Manaus, partnerships with the Ministry of Health. The goal is to increase 173 for 400 the number of staff of the Health Strategy program Family (ESF), which now serves only 33% all to the capital.

"You can improve health care in Manaus. We want to stop this disrespect that makes a mother leaving home with a toddler and get to a health house and not be satisfied because it is not in the coverage area. With proper management, the money will be spent on quality and come in the person's home in the form of a remedy, a service that a mother or child needs ", concluded Marcelo Ramos.

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