Marcelo start of the second round campaign articulating new support

Ramos works to take his campaign in the second round Serafim Correa (PSB), Jose Ricardo (PT), Silas House (PRB), Hissa Abraham and Professor Queiroz.
03/10/2016 17h26 - Updated 4/10/2016 11h54
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Or candidate Marcelo Ramos, coalition Change to Transform, He started the first day after the election of the first round, it received over 257 thousand votes, articulating new support. Marcelo works to take his campaign in the second round Serafim Correa (PSB), Jose Ricardo (PT), Silas House (PRB), Part Abrão (PDT), Luiz Castro (Network) and Professor Queiroz (PSOL), representing opposition to the mayor Arthur.

He waits until Friday to announce the first support. "The timing is very dialogue, of understanding in pursuit of a common ideal. We are working steadily in that direction. The voters confirmed the polls who wants change. I understand that these applications were opposed and now tend to unite around our name, so that together we make the change that most of Manaus electorate has revealed wanting ", said.

This first week of the second round will be dedicated to political articulations. The street campaign only starts from Monday and electoral programs from the day 15. On Friday, Marcelo confirmed participation in two debates. One on Radio Tiradentes, in the morning, and the second BAND Amazon, marked from the first round.

Between a joint and other, Marcelo gave interviews to radio stations, TVs, newspapers and blogs, sending a message of thanks to over 257 thousand votes received on Sunday.

"I am very happy with the result that put us in second round. I thank each of the voters who believed in our proposal to make a safe and transformative change to Manaus. Now, It is another election. It is a plebiscite. The people, I have said no to the current mayor in the first round, will confirm in the second round the option for change. In the first round we had several opposition candidates, now there are only our application that is changing and it is clear to the population. I am convinced that we will unite the votes of the vast majority who opted for opposition candidates. We will win ", said.

The runoff election, according to Marcelo, balances the forces from the time of election propaganda radio and television. Time is divided equally between the two candidates classified, different from the first round in which Arthur had over 40% do tempo total. "With more time, we will be able to show in more detail our Government Plan which includes five main areas of activity to grow and Manaus have quality of life and development ", said.

On Sunday night, accompanied by his wife Juliana Ramos, the state deputy Joshua Neto, candidate for vice mayor, Senator Omar Aziz, the congressmen Alfredo Nascimento, Pauderney Avelino and elected councilors PR, Marcelo Ramos gave a press conference to comment on the outcome of the polls.

"Our poll shows the desire of people to change. The desire of the 'Learning Time’ for their children to have more quality in education, the 'Health in My House' to humanize medical care for communities, the 'Safe City' to return to the streets and squares for families, the 'My neighborhood Vivo' to promote social and economic development of our neighborhoods and the 'Intelligent Mobility System' to give quality of life to the population ", said Marcelo Ramos.

Marcelo again criticized the decision of the Electoral Court which granted over 200 Answer rights opponent Artur Neto giving the mayor "another day campaign". The criticism was accompanied by Senator Omar Aziz and Congressman Alfredo Nascimento.

"Across the country no one has seen such a situation. The Electoral Court gave another day campaign to Mayor Arthur Neto granting him over 200 right answers. But, no use television time, right of reply or money before the rejection of almost 70% that the mayor had this vote. But, we will discuss it in the proper field: in justice", said Marcelo Ramos.

Both Senator Omar Aziz, as Congressman Alfredo Nascimento, They said the 2nd round will be built new alliances to strengthen the campaign of Marcelo Ramos and promote the victory of the elections on 30 of October.

for Omar, the conversation with the other applicants should start this week. "I call Silas House. I know Silas long ago, I know how much he suffered to elect federal deputy and know how much has been done to knocks him. I know of José Ricardo relationship with Marcelo and also the affection of the Seraphim. Manaus showed that rejects the mayor Arthur and wants Marcelo Ramos in the city ", said Senator Omar Aziz.

Congressman Alfredo Nascimento said that the candidacy of Marcelo started small, but that loomed over the course of the campaign and is consolidating every day. "Marcelo studied the city, It is prepared to be a great mayor and has a government plan with viable proposals and will change for the better the lives of people ", assured.

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