Marcelo will give students of Manaus Municipal Public Library, in the works for three years

The library was closed for renovation by the mayor Arthur and continues until the moment without expected to be completed and delivered to the population.
13/10/2016 13h45 - Updated 13/10/2016 13h45
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The candidate for mayor of Manaus, Marcelo Ramos (PR) We visited on the morning of Thursday (13), the Municipal Public Library which was closed for renovation by the mayor Arthur Neto (PSDB), and goes so far without expected to be completed and delivered to the population. "Ruler who does not love books, condemns its people to failure. A building that is part of the historical heritage of our city is under these conditions and the mayor comes with a small talk by saying that the Centre is revitalized as our totally abandoned municipal public library. Per day over 200 Students used this library to do homework, and now can not use this space. This is unacceptable ", said Marcelo Ramos.

Surrounded by a fence, the historic building is full of graffiti in the inner area and destroyed several parts. There is not vigilant on site.

Marcelo, the site should be the largest collection of content library of Amazon Geography and History of the city of Manaus, but unfortunately it is in disrepair, abandoned and stop work. Accompanied by several young, Marcelo stressed the concern of students with the Municipal Public Library abandoned.

"Our Municipal Public Library must have the completion of its reform to be, before everything, a historic building and the possibility to search for our students. In our government plan, one of the things that we take into consideration is that the City is responsible for the literacy of our children and the primary school from first to fifth year. Children must grow up with the love of reading. How can this teach children a mayor who leaves the library in this state?”, questioned Marcelo.

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