Marcelo Ramos signed commitment as "Mayor Friend of Children"

The initiative is a way to celebrate Children's Day, this Wednesday (12) .
12/10/2016 18h36 - Updated 12/10/2016 18h36
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The candidate for mayor of Manaus, Marcelo Ramos (PR), He signed the program of the Commitment "Friend of the Child Mayor", sponsored by the Abrinq Foundation for the Rights of Children and Adolescents, committing so to adopt projects to ensure children the right to education, Health and Social Policies. With the signing of this term, Marcelo is committed to defending the rights of children and adolescents through effective public policies such as building kindergartens, offering educational activities, cultural, sports and leisure, etc.

The initiative is a way to celebrate Children's Day, this Wednesday (12) , and a tribute to the hundreds of children, despite not vote, They are keen to show their support to the candidacy of Marcelo Ramos, embracing him during meetings and accompanying him on walks, rallies and visits, as it happened this morning, in the neighborhood of Compensates (photo).

Marcelo Ramos has included in its Government Plan, Learning the time project that will offer 227 thousand students in the municipal network, complementary activities to its citizens and cultural training, for example. In the social area, Marcelo has committed to rescue the "Law of My Son" program to meet 100 thousand children, beyond Mother Program, will guarantee full assistance to pregnant.

In four years of administration, Marcelo also ensures building 30 day care centers in the North and East zones of Manaus. "They are the poorest areas of this service", says the candidate.

Marcelo notes that his government plan provides for various cross-cutting actions to meet this social segment. "We will build new areas of integration multisport, encourage school full-time and to extend the sewer network, whose lack of treatment generates direct impact on population health, It is the most affected children ", reminds the candidate.

At the end of four years of management, Abrinq Foundation recognizes the work of mayors promoted significant advances in this sector, giving them the Mayor Child Friendly Award. This year 2016, to mandate all Brazilians mayors, 1.542 municipal managers competed for the prize, but only 102 They reached the goals and were awarded and none of them is the Amazon. While recognizing the work of managers, Abrinq Foundation provides free technical support for the operation of the Municipal Fund for Children and Adolescents and CMDCA, the actions of Guardianship Councils and planning and budget policy.

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