Marcelo Ramos and Joshua Neto take the four corners of Manaus on the eve of elections

All actions of Marcelo Ramos and Joshua Neto were broadcast live via Facebook.
01/10/2016 15h17 - Updated 1/10/2016 15h17
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Approach 'Ball' in the Eldorado Park Ten, leafleting, adhesives, conversations with voters, action on the 'ball' of the Producer Fair, support campaign teams, bandeiraço at various points in Manaus. So was the Sabbath (1º) candidate for mayor of Manaus, Marcelo Ramos, along with his deputy, Joshua Neto who received massive support of the people they passed, on the eve of elections.

Marcelo Ramos and Joshua Neto, accompanied by Juliana Ramos and several candidates for councilor for the coalition "Change for Change", They spent all morning watching the movement of the shares of the teams in various parts of the city.

In the early hours of Saturday (1º), Marcelo Ramos and his caravan approached drivers and passersby on the 'ball' of Eldorado, where they received many expressions of support and greetings saying: "Tomorrow is 22 the polls to Manaus!”. Dozens of people asked to make photos and declared their demands for change in the Manaus City Hall.
truckers, bus drivers, private drivers, motorcyclists and pedestrians did shouting honking: "IT IS 22!”, the 'Ball' Producer of the Fair in Jorge Teixeira, East zone.


All actions of Marcelo Ramos and Joshua Neto were broadcast live via Facebook, confirming one of the trademarks of Marcelo that is the use of social networks to interact with the Internet / voters, receiving criticism and suggestions, as well as to interact seamlessly with your followers.

"Hello guys! You just see the joy of our people in the 'Ball' Producer. I and Joshua made a point to greet each of these men and single women who made our message reaches much further and made people fall in love with our proposal for a safe and transformative change for the improvement of our city. Today we will be together all day ", Marcelo Ramos said in one of his videos with live input on Facebook.

This Sunday (2), Marcelo Ramos will vote 9 am, the Electoral Zone 2, section 535, in the School of Technology of the University of the State of Amazonas (EST / UEA), Antiga Utama. Then, he accompanies the vice, Joshua Neto, the Electoral Zone 1, section 0859, the State School Our Lady of Grace, located in Alley Macedo, neighborhood Our Lady of Grace. The candidate will monitor all movements of the elections and the counting in the production plan The Movies, in Adrianople.

At night, after the result of the determination of the elections, Marcelo Ramos will get the press to a news conference on Plan A Films.

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