Marcelo Ramos will create more opportunities for young people and encourage first job

In his government program, Marcelo has proposed that will offer apprenticeship positions for several areas.
19/10/2016 16h45 - Updated 19/10/2016 16h45
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Marcelo Ramos will offer more opportunities for youth with internship program "My First Job" and encourage young people who thirst for undertaking, through the program "Future Youth", thus providing, generating employment and income for those who do not yet have experience in the labor market.

"Many young people today leave the universities and not really know what they will do. Myself when I left Ufam, I had difficulties, but thank God I could ride my law firm. But, most do not have the same opportunity and that is where the municipality should enter programs for youth ", said the candidate for mayor of Manaus by the coalition "Change for Change".

In his government program, Marcelo has proposed that will offer apprenticeship positions for several areas. "There is plenty of room in the Town Hall where we can offer internship places such as the health department, da PGM (Municipal Attorney General) to law school interns and teaching aids for our schools. Today, It has teacher who meets classrooms with 30 children aged 5 a 9 years and have teaching aids ", said Marcelo.

Marcelo, a municipality can contribute to the internship programs, can guarantee for a period of study, the necessary experience for these young people to work in the city.

"On the other hand, City Hall can also contribute to tax incentives for companies that topem offer the first job. But, we have to understand that has many young people coming out of universities with the expectation of becoming entrepreneurs. So, businesses and City Hall need to stimulate my first business ", reinforced Marcelo.

To young entrepreneurs, Marcelo Ramos explained that the City can encourage with a tax incentive policy to facilitate that they can start businesses. "So that's how the city will ensure a better future for our young people", He concluded the candidate.

The project aims to increase the current 1.350 vacancies for 2 thousand jobs of paid internships in the structure of Manaus Prefecture, as well as, improve Bolsa University and Exchange Languages.

From 2017, the city will create thousand jobs for the First Job program for young people between 14 e 24 years throughout the city structure. Another important action will mediate young people in jobs vacancies in Manaus companies, especially those of the Industrial Pole of Manaus (PIM).

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