Marcelo Ramos visit Honda and Yamaha and makes proposals to the Industrial District

The candidate talked about his proposal to revive the Industrial Pole of Manaus (PIM), putting an end to "push play" about who cares whether or not the District streets.
18/10/2016 17h27 - Updated 18/10/2016 17h27
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Marcelo Ramos visited the factories of Honda and Yamaha Motor Amazon, where he met with the workers and the management of the companies. Marcelo talked about his proposal to revive the Industrial Pole of Manaus (PIM), putting an end to "push play" about who cares whether or not the District streets. The visits took place in the days 17 e 18 of October.

Marcelo explained that the Industrial District has funds of approximately R $ 150 million already released by the Ministry of Development for use in resurfacing of streets, paving, bike paths and leafy squares. "These features are an amendment to the EU budget, presented by Amazon delegation in Congress, already approved and released ", clarified.

Another proposal mentioned by Marcelo is partnering with the State Government and the Suframa, creating incentives to attract new industries, hotels, restaurants, Shops, galleries, offices and academies for the Industrial District, generating, like this, employment opportunities and income for thousands of people.

"Let us join hands to workers and entrepreneurs to overcome the unemployment crisis. During the last four years, City Hall was back to the Industrial District and closed his eyes to the infrastructure problems of the city area. More of 100 thousand people work here and the Industrial Pole of Manaus is the main collector of the municipality. We have to have a relationship of understanding and not fight or neglect as is currently. Our management, we will be partners in the Industrial District ", reinforced Marcelo Ramos.

Marcelo proposals also include expanding the industrial district in the municipality of land, besides studying the granting of temporary tax incentives in the property tax and ISS, seeking in return, hiring young people and the opening of vacancies in kindergartens.

Improving traffic in the District area is also part of the proposed Marcelo Ramos who will study the incentives for the ISS of private transport workers and allocate public spaces for these buses and minibuses waiting time to exit routes places near the factories, safely and services, without having to return to the garages, relieving the traffic in the region.

"We will also create the PIM Museum to show the technological evolution of products manufactured here and make the Industrial District a new option for leisure and entertainment visited by tourists and locals", concluded Marcelo Ramos.

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