Marcelo restarts campaign with large walk in Manaus Center

Where he passed Marcelo Ramos was greeted, embraced, greeted and received requests to make selfies.
08/10/2016 13h59 - Updated 8/10/2016 13h59
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Marcelo Ramos restarted the campaign in the second round with a large walk in Manaus Center. In more than three hours, Marcelo and vice Joshua Neto passed the Fair Banana, by Manaus Moderna, Church of Los Remedios to reach Theodoret Loose streets and Marechal Deodoro. “The reception of the people only reaffirms the desire for change that 65% the population demonstrated to vote against the current mayor's re-election bid. Our campaign is the union of all who want change and return to the streets and realize that the people embrace our campaign gives us the certainty that we are making a successful campaign”, said Marcelo Ramos.

Where he passed Marcelo Ramos was greeted, embraced, greeted and received requests to make selfies. The heat and emotion of the people was felt in spontaneous gestures of warmth and empathy of all who declared support and vote Marcelo Ramos in the second round elections.

The merchants and sellers of Modern Manaus, Marcelo Ramos, presented its proposals to revitalize the fair Manaus and organize street vendors. “We have to fix the center of Manaus and make it commercially viable. No Centre survive without economic activity and our government will not think about breaking downtown streets, when we need investment and reform the shopping streets”, said Marcelo Ramos.

“We want a mayor who help us and not to send play our love of fruit in the trash. I voted in Marcelo and new voting because my work deserves respect. If I'm on the street selling fruit it is because I am ashamed in the face to work and do not deserve to have my livelihood thrown in the trash by the city”, blurted the peddler, Conceição Souza.

As they passed the Square Tenreiro Aranha, Marcelo Ramos was approached by Hawker Julio Freitas who called for an end of the reform of the site that has lasted almost three years. “Marcelo, this square is abandoned. I vote in 22 to see this living square again”, said Julius.

“We are in crisis and we can not mess up and not take anyone else's work. Our management is to help the people of Manaus and not for vanity mayor. Manaus needs an administration to rethink the city no disrespect to the people”, said Marcelo Ramos.

At Rua Marechal Deodoro the receptivity of workers 'handclap' surprised Marcelo Ramos. Where he passed, in all shops, She heard praise for his campaign and voting in the second round promises.

“The Manaus Center will be renovated. Our Marechal Deodoro trade revitalization project is the same for all the Centre and also in the neighborhoods with the project My Neighborhood Vivo. The city should not work to harm local businesses. Not breaking street and expelling the hawkers with truculence that we solve the problem ", said Marcelo Ramos.

Approached by street sweepers in the streets, Marcelo Ramos has undertaken to increase the wages of workers cleaning and resolve the legal status of contracts in the GDR regime (Administrative Rule of Law). “Mayor Arthur spent four years running from this responsibility. We will face the situation of the RDAs in the first year of government. We can not let these insecure workers in their jobs”, said Marcelo.

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