MEC will cancel Enem in busy schools protests continue after the day 31

The occupations that occur in the country have as main target the New Provisional Measure School, sent last month to Congress.
19/10/2016 15h16 - Updated 19/10/2016 15h16
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The Minister of Education, Mendonça Filho, announced today (19) You will cancel the task of the National High School Exam (one) in schools occupied by student demonstrators in the country, if not vacant until the day 31 of October. “I hope this decision does not come to term, that until the day 31 consensus prevails and the young vacate and that entities are sponsoring occupations collaborate in this direction”, said, a news conference. If canceled, the race will be rescheduled later for these students.

According to the Ministry of Education (GUY), the realization of the Enem is expected 181 schools occupied, and 145 them located in Paraná. Total, busy schools, where evidence is provided, distributed in 11 states and impact 95.083 candidates.

Asked if there would be the possibility of transferring the test sites, Minister says “has logistics” and adds that the folder “It can not be submitted or submit proof to the convenience of an occupation or eviction by the will of a certain group. We'll have to suspend the proof that locality”, said, if the locations are not vacant until the day 31.

For these students, the race will be rescheduled for a date yet to be confirmed by the MEC. The minister also said that this will mean an additional cost of R $ 90 by evidence. The folder triggered the Attorney General's Office (AGU) to hold the appropriate actors in the process. Even if rescheduled, the correction is made in time for students to participate in the Unified Selection System (content).

The occupations that occur in the country have as main target the New Provisional Measure School, sent last month to Congress. Students say they fear the precariousness of education if the transfers for education are reduced and ask the possibility of that contraprosposta.Além, protest against government spending limit imposed by the Proposal of Amendment to the Constitution (PEC) 241/2016.

Second or minister, discussion of a reform of secondary education is made from 1998. “I think an absurd talk in casualization, It does not have to face this tragic context [Current high school] and stare at the pass band. You have to act and we are acting on the urgency and importance that it deserves. Who wants to discuss, participates in public hearing in Congress and even protests, but can not prevent those who want to undergo the test of Enem”, said Mendonça.

The Enem will be held on 5 e 6 from November. altogether, but of 8,6 million confirmed candidate registration. They will make the evidence 1,7 thousand municipalities and 16 thousand test sites.

Source: Agency Brazil

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