Boys can be vaccinated against HPV from 2017

dose application will be part of the National Vaccination Calendar for boys 12 a 13 years.
12/10/2016 14h13 - Updated 13/10/2016 08h27
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Brazil will be the first country in Latin America and the seventh in the world to offer the HPV vaccine for boys in national immunization programs.

From January next year, the Ministry of Health now offers the HPV vaccine for boys 12 a 13 years in the routine of National Vaccination of Health System Calendar (THEIR). The age range will be expanded, gradually, up until 2020, when the boys will be included with 9 years until 13 years.

"The inclusion of adolescents is part of a set of integrated actions that the Ministry of Health has carried out in order to get more results with the already available financial resources", said Minister of Health, Ricardo Barros.

Offer to HPV
The expectation is to immunize more than 3,6 million children in 2017, Besides 99,5 thousand children and youth 9 a 26 years living with HIV / AIDS, which also will receive doses. For this, the Ministry of Health is acquiring six million doses, the cost of R $ 288,4 millions.

There will be no extra cost to the folder, as, in this year, with the reduction from three to two doses in the vaccination schedule girls, expected quantity was kept, allowing the vaccination of boys.

For the Secretary of Health Surveillance, Ministry of Health, Adeilson Cavalcante, this action shows the importance of the National Vaccination Calendar to reduce vaccine-preventable diseases.

“Increased access to vaccination, which is an action of primary care, can impact the high complexity, with a reduction in cancer cases. Besides that, This strategy is in line with the decision to make the management more efficient and do more with the same resources”, He stressed.

The vaccination schedule for boys against HPV is two doses, six-month interval between them. For those living with HIV, the age range is wider (9 a 26 years) and the vaccination schedule is three doses (interval 0, 2 e 6 months). In the case of HIV-positive individuals, It is required prescription.

currently, HPV vaccine for boys is used as a public health strategy in six countries (U.S, Australia, Austria, Israel, Porto Rico and Panama). Therefore, Brazil ensures the seventh and the vanguard in Latin America. The vaccine is completely safe and approved by the Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety of the World Health Organization (WHO).

The strategy aims to protect against penile cancers, throat and anus, diseases that are directly related to HPV. Definition of-age for vaccination to protect children before the start of sexual life and, therefore, before contact with the virus.

The vaccine available for boys will be quadrivalent, which is already offered from 2014 by SUS for girls. Protects against four subtypes of HPV (6, 11, 16 e 18), with 98% effectiveness for those who correctly follow the vaccination schedule. It is noteworthy that the throat and mouth cancers are the 6th type of cancer in the world, with 400 thousand cases a year and 230 thousand deaths. Besides that, but of 90% cases of anal cancer are attributable to HPV infection.

Source: Portal Brazil

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