Boys will also be vaccinated against HPV from 2017

The expectation of the folder is to immunize more than 3,6 million boys.
11/10/2016 12h15 - Updated 11/10/2016 12h15
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From January 2017, the public health system will now offer the HPV vaccine for boys 12 a 13 years as part of the National Vaccination Calendar. The age, according to the Ministry of Health, It will be gradually expanded to 2020, period in which boys will be included in 9 a 13 years.

The expectation of the folder is to immunize more than 3,6 million children in 2017, Besides 99,5 thousand children and youth 9 a 26 years living with HIV / AIDS in Brazil. will you acquire, altogether, 6 million doses at a cost of R $ 288,4 millions.

According to the federal government, Brazil will be the first country in Latin America and the seventh in the world to offer the HPV vaccine for boys in national immunization programs. U.S, Australia, Austria, Israel, Puerto Rico and Panama already make the dose distribution for male adolescents.

two doses

The vaccination schedule against HPV for boys is two doses, six-month interval between them. As for those living with HIV, The vaccination schedule is three doses, with an interval of two and six months, respectively. In these cases, It is required prescription.


Health Minister, Ricardo Barros, pointed out that, despite new inclusions, there will be no extra cost to the federal government since, in this year, the folder announced the reduction from three to two doses in the vaccination scheme against HPV for girls. O amount specified, according to him, it was maintained.

“It's a breakthrough that could do without increasing investments”, said Barros. “It is a set of integrated actions that we have done to produce more and more with the resources we have”, completed.


The folder also announced the expansion of vaccination against meningitis C for adolescents of both sexes. were you acquire 15 million doses, at a cost of R $ 656,5 millions. The government's objective is to strengthen the effectiveness of dose, already applied in children 3, 5 e 12 months more than, over the years, You may lose some of its effectiveness.

The goal is to vaccinate 80% the target audience, formed by 7,2 million adolescents. In addition to providing protection for this age group, the strategy has protective effect of herd immunity - happens when the indirect protection of unvaccinated due to the decrease in virus circulation.

According to the ministry, the expansion was only possible thanks to savings of R $ 1 billion through review of contracts and reducing rents values ​​and other services. Part of the funds being invested in domestic production of the vaccine by Ezequiel Dias Foundation.


The coordinator of the National Immunization Program, Carla Domingues, He pointed out that the ministry plans to invest in partnerships with schools of public and private network to facilitate the access of boys and girls at doses against HPV and against meningitis.

“Vaccinating adolescents is not to vaccinate children, that parents take in hand and lead to health post. It's complicated”, said. “With teenagers, we can not achieve as complete as vaccination coverage among children”, completed.

Source: Agency Brazil

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