Live brand interrogation Claudia Cruz in Lava Jato

The woman Eduardo Cunha will have to explain about suspected money laundering and tax evasion of about US $ 1 million.
18/10/2016 15h30 - Updated 18/10/2016 15h30
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Judge Sergio Moro marked the date of examination of the wife of former mayor Eduardo Cunha (PMDB), Claudia Cruz, to explain about the charges of Lava jet that would have laundered money and evaded about $ 1 million through secret accounts abroad supplied by her husband with money from corruption at Petrobras. The decision was taken on Monday, 17, and made public on Tuesday.

Moro has scheduled the interrogation Claudia and Idalécio de Oliveira businessman, also defendant in the action, for the day 14 from November, six months after the judge Lava Jet accept the complaint against Cunha woman. Before, no dia 9, They will be questioned former director of Petrobras International Jorge Luiz Zelada and João Augusto Rezende Henriques lobbyist, appointed as PMDB operator in the corruption scheme in Petrobras. Both are also defendants in the same action Claudia.

The interview is the last step before the judge hearing the final arguments of the defense and the prosecution, the last arguments for trial. There, the defendants will be face to face with Moro and will answer all the charges the Federal Public Ministry. if they wish, they may also exercise the right to remain silent. The last defense witness Claudia to be heard before the interrogation is the deputy Jovair Arantes (PTB-GO) who will testify on Wednesday, 19.

Besides that, Claudia enrolled him several witnesses residing abroad, that they have been subpoenaed by letter rogatory. In these cases, however, the judge of Lava Jato understood that it is not necessary to wait for cooperation from other countries to continue the process.

In the lawsuit against the wedge woman, the Prosecutor's Office points out that the former congressman had received bribes of US $ 1,5 million to “enable” acquiring, Petrobras, from 50% block 4 an oil exploration field off the coast of Benin, in Africa, in 2011. The deal was touched by the International Board of the State, identified as PMDB arm of Petrobras allotment scheme.

Of this amount, US$ 1 million were transferred to offshore Kopek that according to Lava Jato has Claudia Cruz as a single parent. With the support of the Public Prosecutor of Switzerland, Lava Jato tracked down the resources that landed in Claudia account and found that they were used, for example, to pay luxury purchases made with credit cards abroad.

Part of the expenses of credit cards, which totaled US $ 854.387,31, It was used, among other things, for the purchase of designer items, as bags, shoes and apparel. Another part of the funds was allocated to various personal expenses da Cunha Family, including the payment of educational companies responsible for the studies of the children of Mr away, como a Malvern College (England) e a IMG Academies LLP (U.S).

Claudia would have still kept, according to the complaint, deposits not reported to federal offices in offshore Köpek in an amount exceeding US $ 100 thousand between the years 2009 e 2014, which is a crime against the national financial system.

The report came in contact with the defense of Claudia, but the lawyer was in a meeting.

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