Passes away, to 72 years, Orival Pessini, creator Fofão

The actor and comedian fighting a cancer in the spleen and was hospitalized for two weeks at the Hospital São Luiz, in Sao Paulo.
14/10/2016 10h37 - Updated 14/10/2016 10h37
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Died, early on Friday (14), Orival Pessini, creator Fofão, Patropi e Sócrates. The actor and humorist 72 years fighting cancer of the spleen and was hospitalized for two weeks at the Hospital São Luiz, in Sao Paulo. He also had throat cancer, which had been recovered. The news was confirmed by the UOL Orival businessman and partner of brand Fofão.

The funeral is expected to take place between 16h and 18h ​​this Friday in Gethsemani Cemetery, in Vila Sonia, in Sao Paulo.

Orival Pessini began his career in theater. His television debut came in the children's program “Who Account A Tale”, TV Tupi, in 1963. In the decade of 70 He interpreted the Socrates and Charles monkeys, do “Planet of Men” (Globe). debuted, in 1988, not humorous “Square Brazil”, by Band, the character Patropi – which would later for programs “Little School Professor Raimundo” (Globe), “The square is ours” (SBT) e “Little School of Noise (Record)”.

Orival created Fofão the Magic Balloon program (Globe). The doll was so successful that, with the end of the program, won its own program: TV Fofão (Bandeirantes), which he presented humorous and cartoon pictures.
The singer Simony, who began his artistic career in childhood alongside Pessini, no “balloon Magic”, fired actor. “Today is a day so sad, but so sad because I just lost my friend, My doll that made both my joy and many children. Orival Pessini eu te amo. Good bye, My best friend. My eternal Fofão”, she wrote on her Instagram profile.

Inspiration in E.T.

The character Fofão, one of the most striking of the humorist Orival Pessini career, was inspired in E.T. the Steven Spielberg film of the year 80.

“The Fofão is not pretty. It is a mixture of dog, bear, pig and clown. No wonder we have relied on E.T Spielberg. When I saw the film at the time I was in tears. I did not think about making a beautiful thing, but a nice thing, to demonstrate 'warmth', 'feeling'”, Pessini said in May this year in the program “The Night”.

He did not mind the imitations of Fofão. Childhood part of a generation, the doll was the subject of a controversy this year – when Hurricane Carreta decided to go to a demonstration in favor of impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff. But the creator banned the generic join the protest Fofão.

“I do not authorize, is my right. I make sure to protect my characters. The Fofão, for example, creates jobs. Children know and love the Internet. Adults are thrilled when they find. I want to preserve this image”, he explained.

Last works

One of the last appearances of Pessini on TV was in “Silvio Santos Program”, SBT, in February. He attended the attraction dressed as Fofão. In a statement, the station lamented the death of actor: “The board and staff of SBT let their feelings to family”.

In May 2015, Pessini made his last appearance on comedy “The square is ours”, as the character Clô.

In 2014, he starred in the miniseries “Stolen loves”, Globo, As or Father Jose. In the last years, Pessini also presented the show “They am I”, which recalled its main characters.

Source: UOL

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