Mototaxi driver is arrested suspected of involvement in police death in Manaus

The crime took place at night on the day 15 September this year, in a diner.
06/10/2016 13h52 - Updated 6/10/2016 13h52
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The mototaxi driver Luiz Antonio Pereira Filho, 33, involved in the armed robbery that had the victim's military police Eleandro Lacerda Lima. The crime took place at night on the day 15 September this year, in a cafeteria located at Rua Francisca Mendes, core nine New Town neighborhood, North of the capital. The victim had 38 years.

According to the assistant chief of the Specialized Police Homicide and Kidnapping (Dehs), Luiz Rocha, the offender was arrested yesterday morning, day 5, por volta the 11h, Avenida Codajás, Cachoeirinha neighborhood, South of Manaus. Antonio was intercepted by police officers of DEHS in compliance with the temporary arrest warrant, issued no dia 27 September this year, by the judge of the Criminal Duty, Julian Lemos Sobral Junior.

"We received complaints stating possible where Anthony might be hiding. In one of these listed places we can make, with success, his arrest on a public road. At the time of approach there was no resistance from the offender ", said the assistant chief of DEHS.

As the police authority, on crime, por volta the 22h, the military police would have come out of a religious cult in the company of family. When Eleandro was near the residence where he lived, He decided to leave his partner and daughter in a coffee shop and went home, where he left the car drove. Upon returning to the cafeteria, the victim spotted, on a motorcycle, Antonio and his sidekick, De Souza coast gullit, which at the time had 26 years. Gullit was in possession of a firearm and announced the robbery to approach the owner of the diner.

"By the time he viewed the criminal action, the military police decided to intervene. There was an exchange of fire between Eleandro and Gullit and they just shot. The officer was hit in the chest and arm Gullit. The offender, even hurt, He tried to take flight, but eventually intercepted by popular, who beat him to death. Eleandro was taken to the Hospital and Emergency Room Doctor Aristotle Plato Bezerra de Araujo, in the east of the city, but already arrived at the scene lifeless ", He explained Luiz Rocha.

Segundo o Dr. Delgado Dehs, Antonio fled on the motorcycle leading to note that Gullit was being assaulted. The mototaxi driver went to the house of the accomplice and communicated to his companion what had happened. Luiz Rocha said, during the press conference, mototaxi driver that had not, in his name, criminal record, only an arrest warrant outstanding for alimony payment failure.

Anthony was charged with armed robbery. At the end of the procedures applicable in the specialized, it will be forwarded to the Public Jail Judge Raimundo Vidal Staff, which will be available to the Justice.

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