Movements launch campaign on social networks in support of the fight against corruption

The initiative aims to mobilize the population to collect the support of the parliamentary bill that proposes ten measures to fight corruption.
10/10/2016 14h48 - Updated 10/10/2016 14h53
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The movement comes to Street launched today (10) a website where Internet users can know the position of the Members in relation to the Bill (PL) 4.850/16, It is proposing ten measures to fight corruption, now under examination at the Special Committee of the House of Representatives. The initiative aims to mobilize the population to collect the support of parliamentarians to the project through the group's website.

No site, you can also follow the changes that are submitted by Members during the discussions. The contacts of the committee members, both regular and alternate, They are posted on the website.

The Come To Street defines itself as "a nonpartisan movement, democratic and pluralistic civil society to fight for a better Brazil ". According to a survey done by the entity, 28 Members of the committee are in favor of the proposal, 8 They are against and 24 they are undecided.

They were classified as for the parliamentarians who made public statements in support of the ten measures and worked to collaborate with the fast-track project. They were registered as undecided who did not comment on the matter or not positioned themselves clearly. In the list of those who are against so declared or acted against the interests of the ten measures.

This morning the "Change", civil society movement against corruption, also made a mobilization on social networks calling for netizens to post photos and videos to support the project with the hashtag # LutePelas10Medidas. The group also maintains a Facebook page.

No Twitter, the campaign was among the topics trend in Brazil. The prosecutor and coordinator of the task force Operation Lava Jato, Delta Dallagnol, He participated in the "tuitaço" started at 10 am. "It's time to show that we want to change. We no longer accept corruption. We fight for the approval of # 10Medidas. #Lutepelas10Medidas ", he wrote Dallagnol.

Twitter also recorded phrases like "# Lutepelas10Medidas conviction! Believing that with punitive adjustments corruption crime have less impunity in Brazil!"And" The National Congress must approve these more stringent measures against corruption. #Lutepelas10Medidas ".

The project in progress is changes in the Penal Code, Criminal Procedure and other laws to make them more effective actions to combat corruption in the country. The project presented in the House was inspired by the document "Ten Measures against Corruption” proposed by the Federal Public Ministry and supported by civil society and over 2 million citizens signatures.

The text provides for measures such as the criminalization of illicit enrichment of public officials; increased penalties in cases of corruption and its framework as a heinous crime in the case of high values; reform of the criminal prescription system; swiftness in actions of administrative misconduct and accountability of political parties box 2 in election campaigns, among others.

In late September, Deputy Onyx Lorenzoni (DEM-RS), the Special Committee rapporteur, disse that deliver or PL 4.850/16 to be examined in the Senate in 9 from December. He expects to deliver the final report in the last week of October.

Source: Agency Brazil

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