MP-AM recommends arrested transfer of CPE

They are housed on site, o médico Mouhamed Mustafa, former mayors Adail Pinheiro Siqueira and Mariolino, plus a CCP member.
19/10/2016 09h00 - Updated 19/10/2016 15h29
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The Amazonas State Prosecutor (MP-AM), by the 60th Special Prosecutor in the External Control of Police Activity (60ª Proceap), You sent yesterday (18), the Command of the Amazon Military Police and the State Secretariat of Public Security (SSP/AM) recommendation for the transfer of prisoners of Justice improvised incarceration in police command Specialized (CPE). The MP-AM or the end of the facilities that house pre-trial detainees in the CPE. "Military Police is not jailer", said the Prosecutor Cley Martins, holder of the 60th Proceap.

On Monday, 17 October 2016, Promotora inspected the detention facilities of the CPE and found that the space "has no structure to house prisoners of Justice". Besides the makeshift lockup, the barracks houses the Rounds Chichi Cândido Mariano (Rocam), PM Cavalry and Grouping Artifact Management Explosives (Mars).

"That saves space does not lend itself to receive prisoners. The police of the work routine has been completely modified so that they act as jailers. It gets to be a function of deviation ", maintains Cley Martins.
According to the Promoter, the two rooms transformed into cells have fragile structure to receive civilian prisoners, "Special sayings". The grids of the "cells" and the electronic monitoring system, to try to inhibit leakage, They were installed on the orders of the commander of the CPE, Colonel Cleitman Coelho, with pocket money.

The MP-AM's recommendation is based on Article 295 the Criminal Procedure Code (CPP), which provides for the detention of prisoners at the disposal of justice "at a different place the common prison", ministers, governors and, among others, the military officers and military of the states and the Federal District.

In this case, according to law, and military officials, for example, "They will be collected and barracks or special prison to the competent authority, when subjected to prison before the final sentence ". In the MP-AM understanding, the expression "will be collected barracks or special prison", constant in Article 295 do CPE, It does not extend to "trapped civilian provisional". Besides that, as the inspection made by the Prosecutor's Office Specialized in control of the Police Activity, Command Policing Specialized does not fit the profile of "special prison".

The prosecution also contends that the legal provision for special prisons provides for imprisonment in separate cell from other, but not necessarily in another prison, outside the prison system. The promoter Cley Martins said he will inform the judiciary of the situation found in the CPE, as well as the recommendation.

Businessman, former mayors and PCC member

currently, are housed in the CPE four prisoners of Justice, the most recent being the doctor Mouhamed Mustafa, arrested in Operation Maus Paths, Federal Police. He was transferred from the Provisional Detention Center (CDP) to the CPE last Friday (14), by order of the Federal Court.

Divided cell with Mouhamed Mustafa two former mayors, Adail Pinheiro, Coari, imprisoned for two and a half years on charges of child prostitution, and the former mayor of Santa Isabel do Rio Negro, Mariolino Siqueira. Mariolino was arrested in May this year, on suspicion of leading a criminal gang that, as MP-AM investigations, looked, at least, R$ 10 millions of city coffers.

Isolated in another room that, ad lib, It was transformed into cell, is Felipe Ribeiro Batista, 27, the "Little Angel", member, according to police, do PCC.

Source: MP-AM

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