MPC joins with representation to determine payments of $ 72,8 million made by Seduc for transportation and logistics services

According representing the value refers to additives in three general agreements signed by the Secretariat.
17/10/2016 15h26 - Updated 17/10/2016 15h26
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The Office of Education of the Amazon Accounts prosecutors (MPC-AM) and Attorney accounts responsible for examining the accounts of the State Department of Education (Seduc) They filed a representation with the State Court of Auditors (TCE-AM) to establish the contracts signed by Seduc with the Alliance company and Building Services and Transport Ltda, which total payments of R $ 72,8 millions (overall value and additives).

According to the representation, signed, respectively, by attorneys Elissandra Monteiro Freire Alvares, Evelyn Freire de Carvalho and Elizangela Lima Costa Marinho, the amount relating to additives in three general agreements signed by the Secretariat: 319/11, 148/13 e 283/15.

According to payment ratio available in the Integrated Financial Management System (AFI), or contract 319/11 I had as the object of reverse logistics services, encompassing organization, implementation of computerized systems in warehouse management beyond all the physical process of receipts activities, storage, movement, shipping and distribution of materials Seduc.

The contract was concluded in December 2011 and received several additions with prolonged effect until 2016. Or last additive, in 07 April this year, It was of R $ 3 millions.

Or contract 148/13, no amount of R $ 14,1 millions, It was signed in 31 July 2013, and aimed to provide logistics services office supplies, cleaning, Didatic books, uniform, Cup utensils, kitchen and permanent materials. As the contract 319/11, he had extended the term until this year with additives totaling R $ 3,1 millions.

According to AFI information, or contract 283/15, no initial value of R $ 6,7 millions, It was concluded in December 2015 and has as its object the provision of rodofluvial service desks for Amazon interior municipalities.

"As seen in contracts 319/11 e 148/13, overlap contracted objects. Both take care of logistics and storage of diverse materials belonging to Seduc and effective in matching periods ", said Attorney Evelyn Freire de Carvalho.

"What we reject is the coexistence of two contracts with the same object and potential harm to the public treasury, because of the possibility, even possible, performing double payments for services already performed ", said the prosecutor of Elissandra Monteiro Freire Alvares accounts.

For accounts prosecutor Elizangela Lima Costa Marinho, no mistake from the bidding process. "Bidding documents for procurement of numerous logistics and transport, that culminated in the celebration of adjustments 319/11 e 148/13, omitted the weight display (ton) or volume (cubagem) it was intended to hire, just describing the services without their corresponding quantification ", said prosecutor.

The attorneys accounts claim that the Court narrow down payments made by Seduc in 2015 e 2016, identifying existing contracts will no period, form and payment criteria, beyond spreadsheets to estimate prices and unit costs of contracted services and goods.

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