MPE investigating since March the city of Arthur and contracts with companies "Bad Paths"

No last Sunday, Attorney General MPE-AM, Fabio Monteiro, He said more developments arise with the investigation at City Hall.
17/10/2016 17h44 - Updated 17/10/2016 17h51
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Following the complaint made by Marcelo Ramos that the city of Artur Neto held contracts with companies arrested in operation "Evil Ways" be proven with copies of contracts in the Official Gazette of the City (JUDGMENT) and have been newspaper cover Criticism Sunday (16), the State Prosecutor's Office (MPE-AM), He reported early on Monday (17), or that since day 21 March is open to Civil Inquiry to investigate irregularities in the Municipal Department of Health contracts (Sems) and Gilberto company Souza Aguiar, the company co-owner Silvio Correia Tapajós and CIA LTDA, no amount of R $ 1,7 million reais.

According to Edilson Martins Queiroz promoter, holder of the Public Patrimony Defense attorney, by order published in the Official Gazette of the MPE-AM, Civil Inquiry No. 3042/2015 It was established to investigate any irregularities in the face trading floor 162/2014 Semsa, who hired the company Silvio Correia Tapajós and CIA LTDA to provide human resources services to operate in rabies vaccination campaign, no overall value of R $ 1.711.000,00.

Marcelo Ramos showed during the debate that the contract signed by Arthur and Homer Secretary of Miranda Lion, holder Semsa, with Gilberto company Souza Aguiar 95% more expensive than the realized contract 2013 with another company to perform the same service. The DOM shows that the city paid $ 895 thousand reais a year earlier.

Arthur went on to say, during or discussion, I would lay off Homero Miranda Lion, if it were proven that he had signed the contracts with the companies of the gang operation "Evil Ways".

No last Sunday, Attorney General MPE-AM, Fabio Monteiro, He said more developments arise with the investigation at City Hall and government of Amazonas millionaires contracts. "It surveys investigating several contracts, both the state and the City Hall. I have no doubt that there will be consequences. That is the goal", Fabio Monteiro said the newspaper Criticism.

The advice of the MPE-AM, He reported that at the time the survey is to document request phase of the Municipal Licensing Committee (CML) and that only after analyzing the responses of CML and Semsa, Edilson Martins Queiroz promoter, will comment to the press to denounce the mayor Arthur and Homer secretary in Action Administrative Misconduct.

O contract R $ 1,7 million with Gilberto de Souza Aguiar company is the first made by Artur Neto with companies involved in the operation "Evil Ways", and is under investigation by the State Prosecutor's Office.

Three other contracts, one of them without bidding, They were made with the D company Azevedo Flowers – ME, whose partner is David Azevedo Flowers, who was also arrested for operating Bad Paths in September. In total the city paid $ 3,1 million for David Flores Azevedo to provide telephony services to Disk 192 much to combat the mosquito Dengue.

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