MPF / AM wants irregular sportfishing suspension on indigenous lands of Santa Isabel do Rio Negro

Recommendation indicates that companies should stop selling package tours without authorization and cancel the already negotiated.
13/10/2016 08h25 - Updated 13/10/2016 14h56
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The Federal Public Ministry in the Amazon (MPF / AM) issued recommendations to prevent the realization of any tourist exploration activity or sport fishing in indigenous lands, without regular authorization of the indigenous peoples involved. The recommendation of the MPF highlights the prohibition of carrying out these activities, without authorization, on indigenous lands Middle Rio Negro I, Middle Rio Negro II, Tea, Uneuixi e Yanomami, in the municipality of Santa Isabel do Rio Negro (a 630 kilometers from Manaus).

no document, or MPF explains, for tourist exploration or sport fishing can be conducted in indigenous lands, authorization must be granted by the indigenous people involved, by free consultation, prior and informed, and the government agencies responsible for the protection and promotion of indigenous rights and the environment, as foreseen in the Normative Instruction No. 03/2015, the National Indian Foundation (Funai).

Communities of indigenous lands Middle Rio Negro I, Middle Rio Negro II and Tea are in process of preparing Environmental Management Plans and Territorial under the National Policy for Environmental and Territorial Management in Indigenous Lands, in partnership with the Federation of Indigenous Organizations of Rio Negro (staffing), Funai and the Socio-Environmental Institute (ISA). Because of this, It is not authorized any activity in those areas without the consent, prior and informed consent of communities, impact studies necessary and proper regulation.

irregular fishing is a crime - The recommendation of the MPF shows that unregulated fishing in indigenous lands is a crime and produces various impacts in the communities where it is practiced. "The sport fishing tourism, aware of the socio-cultural impacts that may result, also can bring significant environmental impacts, considering that are required infrastructure and traffic of persons outside the indigenous culture, and the possible direct influence on aquatic fauna and many other aspects ", states or document.

The MPF received news that Amazon Sport Fishing companies, Mallards Sport Fishing, Sport fishing (boat Tayaçu), Kalua Barco Hotel, DoniPesca, Demini Sport Fishing, among others, have explored the lakes and tributaries in the indigenous lands of Santa Isabel do Rio Negro, without authorization. From the recommendation, companies must stop selling tour packages related to the mentioned indigenous lands and cancel the already negotiated.

In addition to the companies, the recommendation is also directed to Funai Alto Rio Negro, the Municipality of Santa Isabel do Rio Negro and the bodies of local public administration, to disclose the document, to the display of the notification in public establishments, especially in ports and airport city, permanently.

on the recommendation, MPF granted within ten days for companies to report on the extent of compliance, forwarding evidence of compliance with the recommendation and report on the activities that develop in the region. Funai and the municipal government must also prove, in ten days, which issued the recommendation, about and photograph the locations where the notifications were posted.

Source: MPF-AM

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