MPF / AM recommends preventive measures in areas inhabited by sauim-toed

The primate is only found in the Amazon and why, local extinction means the total extinction of the species in nature.
28/10/2016 09h19 - Updated 28/10/2016 09h19
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A week after the day of Sauim-toed (20 of October), the Federal Public Ministry in the Amazon (MPF / AM) He recommended to the Municipal Environment and Sustainability Manaus (Semmas), the Amazonas State Institute for Environmental Protection (Ipaam), the Municipal Institute of Urban Planning (Implurb) and the Secretary of State for Works and Infrastructure (Seinfra) adopt measures to ensure the space necessary to protect the remaining animals of this species of endemic primate of the region, threat of extinction.

The species is considered "critically endangered" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) since 2003. Due to its restricted range, local extinction means the total extinction of the species in nature. That is why, MPF argues that areas of sauim-collared of experience are primarily preserved in the face of real threat of extinction of the species.

The recommendation asks the agencies referring to MPF the map with the plot of public or private enterprises which focus on areas with occurrence of sauim-toed. As or document, the coordinator of the National Research and Conservation of the Amazon Biodiversity of Chico Mendes Institute for Conservation and Biodiversity Centre (Cepam / ICMBio) reported that there, under the National Action Plan for the Conservation of Sauim-toed (Pan Sauim), the map with the plot developments, works and activities inserted in areas with occurrence of sauim-toed, with the name of the enterprise and its responsible, public or private, for civil liability purposes.

The MPF / AM still requires observation prepared by the Pan Sauim map indicating the areas in which the sauim-toed in all licensed projects and the realization of prior consultation, with the participation of the Working Group of the Pan Sauim, in all environmental and urbanistic licensing, to discuss the necessary compensatory measures to minimize impacts on areas of occurrence of the species.

O MPF/AM destaca, no document, which are crimes defined in Law 9.605/98 damage forests considered permanent preservation without permission of the competent authority and also build or renovate potentially polluting establishments or works, without license from the competent environmental agencies.

The Pan Sauim aims to ensure at least eight viable populations of Saguinus bicolor, reducing the rate of population decline and ensuring protected areas for endangered species, in five years. The plan has kind of inclusion goals in conservation area, increased connectivity between the areas occupied by sauim-toed, implementation of an integrated program of research, environmental education, among others.

The recommendation gives ten days to adopt the measures mentioned in the document and information to the MPF the fulfillment of the recommended items.

Protection of Permanent Protection Areas - The MPF also recommended that environmental agencies will not issue any environmental or planning permission without notice says the Environmental Code of the City of Manaus. In one of the items of Article 32, is set to "are areas of permanent preservation those harboring rare examples, endangered or insufficient unknown flora and fauna, as well as those which serve landing, shelter or reproduction of migratory species ", considering as Permanent Protection Areas (APP’s) occurrence of areas of the sauim and applying the rules of the Brazilian Forest Code and the National Environmental Council (Conama) for licensing of works and projects in areas specially protected.

According to the Federal Constitution, modification or removal of permanent preservation area is allowed only through the law, and only occur in the event of public interest, social interest or low-impact interventions, It must be previously authorized by the competent body, in own administrative process, technically motivated and subject to the conditions set forth in CONAMA 396/2006.

Source: MPF-AM

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