OAB / AM signs lawsuit by the minimum operation of branches

The lawsuit provides the guarantee of a minimum of essential services serving the population.
06/10/2016 13h03 - Updated 6/10/2016 16h52

The Law Commission Consumer of the Order of Lawyers of Brazil Sectional Amazon (OAB / AM), by the task force made up of agencies and institutions involved in consumer protection, submit to the Federal Court on Thursday (6) an urgent injunction requiring the operation of at least 30% bank branches that are closed throughout the state, due to the strike of the category.

Among the agencies that make up the task force are the Public Defender Amazonas State (ECD-AM), Amazonas State Prosecutor (MPE-AM), Federal Public Ministry (MPF), Executive Secretariat of Protection and Guidance Consumer Amazon (Procon-AM), Ombudsman and Consumer Protection of the Municipality of Manaus (Procon-Manaus), Commission of Consumer Protection of the Legislative Assembly of the State (500-gambling), Consumer Protection Committee of the Municipality of Manaus (CDC-CMM).

In lawsuit, the organs and institutions ask for the fulfillment of the Strike Law, n.7.783/1989, which provides a guarantee of minimum services essential services to the population, and Article 22 of the Consumer Protection Code, which guarantees citizens the right not to discontinuation of services. The daily fine proposed for the minimum attendance of noncompliance is $ 50,000 per bank branch.

According to Fernandes Rosely, Executive Secretary of the State PROCON Amazon, the breach of the law has brought grave consequences to the consumer, which resulted in a considerable increase in complaints in the service channels of the body.

“We received the information that old customers are being forced to wait for the call from outside agencies, in huge queues and the extreme heat of the capital. Another complaint is that people are not able to withdraw the FGTS, and this entails a lot of problems because citizens have deadlines to meet these withdrawals ", he explained.

The president of the OAB / AM, Marco Aurélio Choy, He stressed that the lawsuit is not intended to harm the causes and demands of the strike movement of bank, but to ensure consumer rights through solutions that are within the law.

“Our concern is for the protection of workers also, we do not want the social rights of these citizens are met, but strengthened. We must emphasize that we are not promoting action against workers, but that respect consumer rights”, said the president.

The bank strike, which has national character, complete one month on Thursday (6). According to the Amazon Bank Workers Union, to Monday (3), 13.245 and agencies 29 administrative centers throughout the country confirmed the stoppage of its activities, or corresponding 56% of category membership. No Amazon, near 89% the 93 capital agencies are closed.

Among the main demands of the bank are improvements in relation to health, security and equal opportunities. Further in accordance with the Union, if you do not reach a satisfactory agreement, this might be the longest strike so far.

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