writing workshops, documentaries and lectures help students from public schools to prepare for college entrance

The "Terceirãooo Woohoo" has been developed since May this year.
17/10/2016 15h51 - Updated 17/10/2016 15h51
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Motivating students and teachers to develop activities that promote the preparation for the tests of vestibular has been the focus of the "Terceirãooo Woohoo", initiative of the State School Our Lady of Aparecida, located in the neighborhood Our Lady of Aparecida, South Zone of Manaus.

Coordinated by Professor of Portuguese Language, Antonio Jose da Silva, the project has been developed since May this year, It is directed to the students of the 3rd year of high school and also extended to the community, which intends to provide the college entrance examination and other examinations for entry to university.

The project is conducting writing workshops; thematic lectures on the present; presentation of documentary; in addition to monitoring of various readings, through the "reading BBB", one aspect of the project that promotes discussion of texts produced by the students.

According to the project coordinator, the actions developed assist in preparing students for the tests of Continuous Selection Process (PSC), the Federal University of Amazonas (I trust); Ingress Series System (SIS), the University of the State of Amazonas (UEA); and the National High School Exam (one).

"The project developed with graduate students of high school seeks to promote various activities that can better guide them to the college entrance tests. writing workshops, discussion of current issues, production based on texts in the skills required by Enem, among other actions, They have significantly favored the learning of these students ", said Professor Antonio, adding that the school is organizing activities to date of the evidence.


In addition to writing workshops, which are held on Saturdays, the school will promote on Wednesday (19), a lecture on the literary work "Dead Fire", writer José Lins do Rego. The lecture will be given by the master teacher in Literature from Ufam, Sonia Vasques.

On the day 21 of October, the lecture will be held "How to improve the reading of images and artistic work?"And the presentation of the documentary" The Story of Stuff "and" Promises of a new world ".

Also according to the project coordinator, student participation in project activities has been very positive. "The participation of students in the project is very positive, it has contributed so that they can regain their self-esteem, the taste for studies and planning of the future ", said Antonio.

The state school Our Lady of Aparecida is administered by the Secretary of State for Education and Teaching Quality (SEDUC) and belongs to the District Coordination Office of Education 1, responsible for coordinating the state schools located in the South Zone of Manaus.

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