Operation of DMV-AM against “spurts” seizes over 40 motorcycles in the north of Manaus

Among the vehicles seized were identified six bikes with cloned cards and stolen eight.
07/10/2016 15h31 - Updated 7/10/2016 15h51
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The State Department Amazon Transit (DMV-AM) He seized early on Thursday (06/10) 48 bikes that were participating in "splits" in the New Town neighborhood, North of Manaus. The action came after numerous complaints of residents of the area, about the noise caused by motorcycles that are performing dangerous maneuvers and overtaking on site.

Among the vehicles seized were identified six bikes with cloned cards and stolen eight. In total the DMV-AM agents held 102 assessments. In addition to the practice of dangerous driving, some drivers were fined for driving under alcohol effect, use of irregular documentation and driving motorcycle without helmet.

According to the CEO of the DMV-AM, Leonel Feitoza, since the beginning of this year, the inspections practice of the "cracks" were intensified. "We will continue daily performing these actions, it is important that people realize the risks to practice those caught within the public roads ", he emphasized.

The intensification of DMV-AM operations, on the main roads of Manaus, It is part of the strategic planning of Amazonas State Government to strengthen the monitoring of traffic laws. Leonel Feitoza also highlights the importance of the support that the agency has received the Military Police and Civil Police through the Police Specialized in robberies and thefts of vehicles.

Fines and penalties
Drivers caught doing dangerous overtaking will have to shell out $ 1.915,40 the amount of the fine for these violations. The penalty for anyone caught engaging in "splits" can reach 3 years imprisonment. If the practice result in serious injury or death, the penalty may be imprisonment, which includes the closed regime. The proposed sentence is 3 a 6 years of imprisonment in the case of personal injury and 5 a 10 years in case of death.

The amount of fines for the practice of cracks and other competitions without permission is also R $ 1,915.40, addition of the fine the driver suffers administrative penalties such as the suspension of the right to drive, independently to achieve 20 points in the chart of the National Driver's License (CNH). In all these offenses, the driver caught in reincidindo 12 months, It will be folded fine, reaching the amount of R $ 3.830,80.

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