Operation "The Cry of the Innocents" holds 29 people in Manaus

The warrants issued were related to different crimes, as attempted murder, murder, rape, drug traffic, theft and illegal possession of firearm.
07/10/2016 16h22 - Updated 7/10/2016 16h22
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In the second stage of the operation "The Cry of the Innocents", triggered today in the south of Manaus 29 people were arrested, six teenagers were seized and signed two Terms Occurrence of detailed (TCOs), according to the Civil Police of Amazonas.

"They were met, on behalf of offenders residing in the south of the city, arrest warrants and search and seizure open. Along the steps eight people were arrested in flagrante. All of involvement in drug trafficking. They were also signed two TCOs. The warrants issued were related to different crimes, as attempted murder, murder, rape, drug traffic, theft and illegal possession of firearms ", explained Rodrigo Barreto.

The action, started at 7am, It was led by the chief of staff of the Amazon Civil Police, researcher Priscila Costa, and the Special Force Group Coordinator Rescue and Assault (will), Edilei researcher Rodrigues, under the supervision of the delegate-general of the institution, Francisco Sobrinho, which closely followed the work done in the south on Friday.

According Francisco Sobrinho, this second phase of the action to the Civilian Police continued guidance work as crimes such as domestic and sexual violence against women, children and youth, unlawful acts committed by adolescents and, this time, also informed how to report crimes against the elderly. "Today's work is more comprehensive, both in the prevention and in the repression of. The staff of the Police Specialized in Crimes against the elderly (DECCI) He joined the project to complement our actions ", stated.

As Priscila Costa, participated in the civil police operation in crowded Police Specialized in Crimes against Women (Decca), Specialized Police for Crimes against Women – Annexed (Decca-Anexo), Specialized Police in Determination of Acts infractional (Deaai), Police protection in the Specialized Children and Adolescents (depc) Police and Specialized Crimes Against Elderly (DECCI), coordinated by the respective Principal Delegates: Andrea Nascimento, Deborah Mafra, Elizabeth de Paula, Juliana Azevedo Tuma and Ivone. Social Workers Project Love Life, maintained by the State, also supported the action.

"We were focused in front of the Full-Time Educational Center (Ceti) Gilberto Mestrinho, located in Universal Street, Educandos neighborhood, where we distributed pamphlets with guidelines on crime prevention and how to complaints. nonlocal, near 30 sophomores high school helped distribute pamphlets in action. Teenagers held, still, dance and music performances during the initiative ", said Priscila Costa.

The student Alissa Marinho, 16, He participated in the action in front of the school where he studied. She said that the presence of police officers at the site helped to clarify doubts related to crimes and how to proceed to become aware of illegal practices. "Besides being very important to help students and families who experience problems such, we also developed all that is taught in the classroom ", commented.

Already on the repression and second Edilei Rodrigues, the Beast crew team had support from crowded servers in the south of the city, during the arrests that began on Monday. "Civil police of the Beast, 1º, 2º, 3º, 7° and 24 ° Integrated Police Districts (DIPs) and 1st South Sectional worked in the repressive part of the operation, started after the election period ", he argued.

The first edition of the operation "The Scream of the Lambs" took place on 2 September this year, in four areas of the capital: North, Leste, Midwest and South-Central. In this ocasion, Two men, from 30 e 38 years were arrested, and five teenagers seized, It is a 16 years and the other of 17 years.

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