October Rose a cause of all!

13/10/2016 17h17 - Updated 13/10/2016 17h23
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Designed to warn women about the need to prevent breast cancer, movement Pink October, It has proven essential in the search for early diagnosis, which affected only 2014, at least 57 thousand women, according to data from the National Cancer Institute (INCA).

We know that breast cancer, FIG as the second most common disease worldwide, second only to skin cancer. No Amazon, numbers combined with the lack of professionals to address the problem, make worrying situation.

we then, discuss the issue, the search for faster results, prevention, treatment and recovery of our women.

Our hospitals must be committed to the receipt of cases, for the late results of examinations, do not continue to decrease the chances of survival of those suffering with the disease. Investment in training doctors, nurses, mastologists and technicians should emerge as a priority in the design of projects related to public health.

That is why, more than dedicate one month to combat breast cancer, we must remember every day, the cancer is relentless and that affects not only women, as well as men. then it is a cause of us all.

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