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Were made 6,1 thousand-face interviews with children and adolescents, 3 thousand with parents or guardians, in 350 counties, between November 2015 and June 2016.
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It grew the frequency of access among children and adolescents who use the Internet, according to research ICT Kids, released today (10). The survey indicates that 80% of the population between 9 e 17 years uses the network. Among these, the percentage of connecting more than once per day rose 21%, in the study related to 2014, for 66% in the current, with data collected in 2015.

The increase in the percentage of youths who browse the network more than once per day was even more significant in the range of 15 a 17 years (from 17% for 77%) and among young people in classes A and B (from 21% for 75%). Among the cuts presented, the smallest increase was among children and adolescents from classes D and E. The high rose from 25% for 49%.

For preparation of the survey were made 6,1 thousand-face interviews with children and adolescents and 3 thousand with parents or guardians, in 350 counties, between November 2015 and June 2016.

The study was conducted by the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee in Brazil (, through the Regional Centre 23,7 million children and adolescents use the Internet

They use the internet, according to the study, 23,7 million children and adolescents. they are disconnected 5,9 million young people, and of these, 3,4 million never had contact with the network. The largest percentage of use among 9 e 17 years of age are registered in South (90%) and Southeast (88%). no North, the index falls to 56% e, in the Northeast, for 71%. No Midwest, the percentage is 85%.

The lack of access at home availability was the main obstacle pointed out by young people. According to research, 75% those who do not use the network (15% do total) They point to the lack of service where they live as reason. Among the total number of children and adolescents in the countryside, 30% suffer from the problem. In the North, residential access is unavailable for 31% youth, the same percentage of those living with up to minimum wage.

Mobile is used by 83% youth

The mobile phone is still the primary means used by the public under 18 years to connect, It is used by 83% their (82% in the previous survey). The desktop computer has lost relevance, It was used by 56% of young people in the previous survey and is now part of the only daily 38%. Or tablet was used by 32% e, currently, by 21%.

In this sense, stayed in 31% the percentage of children and adolescents who access the network only by phone. The rate reaches 41% those living in rural areas and 53% the residents in the North. No public between 15 e 17 years, 39% They use the Internet only via mobile phone.

Among the motivations, 73% of boys and 84% Girls said that connect to schoolwork. Instant message is declared by activity 77% the female audience and 78% male. While 78% of young people of both sexes said they use social networks.

Source: Agency Brazil

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