Search DMP / Tiradentes Network shows advantage 3 percentage points Marcelo Ramos

They were heard 1004 voters between days 11 e 13 of October.
14/10/2016 09h06 - Updated 14/10/2016 14h14
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If the election were today, the candidate Marcelo Ramos would be the mayor with 51,7% of the valid votes, says new research DMP / Tiradentes, published on the morning of Friday (14), the Morning News program. Marcelo would win the election with 3,4 point lead over the mayor Arthur Neto, had 48,3% of voting intentions.

In spontaneous Research, when the voter states in which candidate will vote, Marcelo is also chosen by most voters 39,7% of the vote. Mayor Arthur Neto, appears 37,1% spontaneous votes. Regarding the vote on the first round, Arthur grew only 2 pp, while Marcelo grew 14,9 pp. The research shows that DMP undecided add 9,1% e 14,1% declare null vote / White.

The research was registered at the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) sob nº AM-02914/2016, and heard 1004 people between days 11 e 13 of October. The reliability of the survey is 95% and the margin of error is 3,3% points more or less.

See chart:

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