Research Journal Criticism Marcelo Ramos puts in front in the 2nd round with 51,5%

The new research was published on Monday (17).
17/10/2016 09h40 - Updated 17/10/2016 16h26
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Marcelo Ramos candidate appears leading the voting intentions in the second round of elections with 51,5% of the valid votes, Against 48,5% Mayor Arthur Neto. The new research designs (nome fantasia da firma MP Valin) It was published on Monday (17), the newspaper Criticism. The Spot was the company that dug the result of the first round with accuracy. According to the newspaper, Marcelo wins Arthur in Northern areas, Leste, And the Centro-Sul. While Arthur concentrates majority of votes in areas West and Midwest, reinforcing the perception that the mayor has no acceptance in the neediest neighborhoods.

According to the projected spontaneous search, when voters say in who will vote, the candidate Marcelo Ramos wins the elections with 38,4%, while the mayor Arthur Neto, appears 36,4% of the vote.

Research shows that 13% of voters say Manaus vote null or blank and others 6,3% still do not know who to vote. Of the voters interviewed, 80% They said they do not change over the vote, 3,8% not sure if change, and others 11,1% They say until the day 30 October can change the vote.


The new research designs resembles the same numbers as the first search of the second round of the DMP / Tiradentes published on Friday (14). Where Marcelo also wins the elections with 51,7%, while Arthur would 48,3% of the valid votes.

The projected heard 1000 voters between days 14 e 15 October and recorded the research in the TSE under the number AM07739-2016. The poll has margin of error 2,5% for more and less, and the confidence level is 95%.

Design was the only company to settle the outcome of the elections in the first round when Arthur had 35,17% of the valid votes and Marcelo Ramos got 24,86%.

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