Search reaffirms victory Marcelo Ramos in Second Shift

The research firm Spot, It was released on Tuesday (11) and shows with Marcelo 4,74% percentage points more than Artur Neto.
11/10/2016 10h19 - Updated 11/10/2016 16h10
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The second research Punctual shows that the candidate Marcelo Ramos - the coalition "Change for Change" - comes out ahead in the second round contest with 4,74 percentage points more than Artur Neto, the coalition "For a Just Manaus". Considering only the valid votes, Marcelo Ramos has 52,37% and Artur Neto 47,63%. The margin of error of the survey is 2,53% for more and less and the confidence interval is 95%. The figures were released by the company Punctual.

In spontaneous Research, Marcelo Ramos appears 40,50% and Artur 37,28%. The percentage of voters who vote declare null / white is 14,6% and those who have not yet defined (they do not know) 7,62%. in stimulated, where the interviewer has the names of candidates, Marcelo rises to 41,49% and Arthur goes to 37,74%. White and add nulls 13,41% and those who do not yet know 7,36%.

The director of Spot, Eric Lima Barbosa, He explains that the survey also reveals that the intention to vote is final for 92,68% Artur Neto and of 89,38% Marcelo Ramos ignored. Voters who declare they will vote null or White, 60,29% They say that this decision is final.

The research result indicates that Marcelo Ramos gets the bulk migration of votes allotted to other candidates in the first round of municipal elections. Marcelo ended the first round with 24,86% of the votes and more than doubles in voting intentions in the second round, crescendo 27,51 pp. Artur, had 35,17% in the first round, rose 12,46 points.

The survey was conducted Punctual in neighborhoods of all 13 precincts of Manaus, obeying face interview technique, and is registered at the Superior Electoral Court with the number AM-08685/2016. They were heard 1500 voters between days 5 e 9 of October.

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