PF triggers operation that targeted band Aviões do Forró

Operation "For All" investigates fraud in income tax involving cearense group.
18/10/2016 09h04 - Updated 18/10/2016 17h08
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The Federal Police and the Federal Revenue broke out on Tuesday Operation "For All" which investigates fraud in income tax involving cearense group Aviões do Forró, which manages, among other bands, the Aviões do Forró and concert halls. Investigations show that the group would be providing false information or omitting material information in their income tax returns, to exempt from the tax collection, in addition to the possible occurrence of money laundering, misrepresentation and conspiracy.

The Forro aircraft band is also the target of the operation and there are warrants for the singers Solange Almeida and José Alexandre, known as Xandy Airplane. There are prisoners in this operation.

Those involved had their tax secrecy broken by research, which helped to locate several individuals and companies involved in the scheme.

Researchers are accused of entering false data on income tax returns; not declare the acquisition of vehicles and property. There is, still, differences on amounts paid as distribution of profits and dividends, bank transactions incompatible with the declared income, high payments in kind, addition to the various changes in equity uncovered.

The PF said that the name "FOR ALL" refers to the English expression "for all" (for all), since there are reports that in the early twentieth century, British engineers, installed in Pernambuco to build the Great Western Railway, promoting open dances to the public (for all). Like this, the term would be pronounced "forró" by Northeastern. The name of the operation came this popular origin of the word Forro, main group investigated hive of activity.

They are being met 32 forceful warrants and 44 search and seizure, besides having been decreed the locks and vehicles of people linked to active business group in the entertainment business and responsible for large bands of forró and houses state shows.

Source: Estadão

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