PF investigating group that fraudava contracts with the Ministry of Cities

The operation investigates the illegal financing of political campaigns practice in Bahia.
04/10/2016 09h01 - Updated 4/10/2016 09h01
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An operation of the Federal Police (PF), erupted early on Tuesday (4), investigates criminal group responsible for both possible illegal financing of political campaigns practice in Bahia, and by fraud schemes in tenders and contracts in the Ministry of Cities. Called Operation Hydra, the police are fulfilling 16 search warrants authorized by the Minister Maria Thereza Rocha de Assis Moura, the Superior Court of Justice (STJ).

According to PF, "the operation, which derives three collaborations investigated in Operation Acronym, already approved by the Justice and continuous process of validation by the Federal Police, It has its origin two new investigations pending in the Supreme Court and whose distribution among the court ministers was automatically ".

In one of the research lines, the suspicion of PF is that the schemes investigated realizassem triangulations in order to illegally finance election campaigns. For this, the contractor investigated "hired fictitious way communication branch companies, specialized in carrying out political campaigns, remunerating services provided to political parties and not to the civil construction company”. ]

In the other direction the PF intends to investigate the occurrence of fraud in tenders and contracts in the Ministry of Cities. The name of the operation, Hidra de Lerna, refers to the figure in Greek mythology, what, to have your head cut, resurfaces with two heads. Operation Acronym, to reach one of the leaders of a Criminal Organization, faced an investigation unfolds and demands the opening of two new surveys.

Ministry of Cities

In a statement issued earlier, the Ministry of Cities says it has not received, early on Tuesday, any notification of the PF operation involving folder resources.

The ministry also said that, in the power of information, You will be able to assess what it is and the ability to establish, immediately, "Disciplinary administrative proceedings to investigate the complaint".

The agency says the availability to collaborate with all the information necessary to ensure efficiency and transparency in the application of such resources.

Source: Agency Brazil

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