PF holds former governor of Tocantins in operation against fraud works

According to the PF, the operation aims to dismantle a criminal organization that acted in Tocantins defrauding public bids.
13/10/2016 08h10 - Updated 13/10/2016 08h10
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The Federal Police (PF) held today (13), the former governor of Tocantins, Sandoval Cardoso. Another former governor of the state, Siqueira Campos, It was forceful target. Both are investigated by Operation Appian, triggered by the corporation in conjunction with the Public Ministry and the Ministry of Transparency, Supervision and Comptroller General of the Union.

According to the PF, the operation aims to dismantle a criminal organization that acted in Tocantins defrauding public bidding and execution of administrative contracts for earthworks and paving in several state highways. Participate in the operation about 350 federal police.


They are being met 113 warrants issued by the Federal Court, and 19 temporary arrest, 48 Coercive driving and 46 search and seizure in the cities of Araguaína, Gurupi, Goiatins, Formoso do Araguaia, Riachinho and Palmas, Tocantins; Goiânia, Aparecida de Goiania and Anapolis, Goias; St. Louis, Governador Nunes Freire and Caxias, in Maranhão; and Belo Horizonte, Sao Paulo, Brasilia and Cocalinho (MT).


According to the corporation, research pointed a bidding routing scheme involving public agencies of infrastructure and public officials in the years 2013 e 2014. The focus of the research works are in the bid and inspected roads by the Department of Infrastructure, corresponding to 70% the total value of loans.

"These works were funded by public resources acquired by the state through international bank loans and funds from the BNDES, with the Bank of Brazil as an intermediary agent of the financing in the amount of approximately R $ 1.2 billion. The acquired resources had the Union as a debt guarantor ", reported.

Evidence of fraud

Also according to the Federal Police, caught the attention of researchers the fact that, on a contract, asked a contractor addition to performing work over 1.500 truckloads of gravel. lined up, vehicles would cover a distance of 27 km, exceeding the length of the highway itself.

"In another situation, It demonstrated that expertise, for performing certain work, under contract, it would be necessary manpower employment 24 hours per day, uninterruptedly, or what, addition of more costly, It would be impossible from a practical point of view ", said the corporation.


The estimate of PF is that the damage to public coffers turn around 25% the values ​​of contracted works, or it represents approximately R $ 200 millions.

The investigation will answer for syndication crimes and misuse of purpose of the acquired bank loans, as well as embezzlement, fraud to bid, fraud in the execution of administrative contract and criminal association. added, the penalties may exceed 30 years.

Source: Agency Brazil

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