PM holds offenders who stole cell with homemade gun at bus stop, no Center

They were arrested Renato Ribeiro Lima and Valeria Silva Menezes, in the early hours of the day 11.
12/10/2016 09h54 - Updated 12/10/2016 09h54
Photo: Press Release / PM

Military Police Company of the 24th Interactive Community (IDPF) They detained in the early hours of Tuesday (11), two offenders mobile phone theft in central Manaus.

According to police the car team 6352, formed by PM Cable Heliandro and PM Soldier R. Lopes, They were on patrol in the city center streets in the vicinity of the square Largo San Sebastian, when they were told of an instance of mobile phone theft.

after steps, os policiais identificaram uma mulher que foi detida por populares no largo e durante a revista foi encontrado com ela um aparelho celular o qual foi reconhecido como propriedade da vítima e reconheceu a mulher como autora do roubo. The accused also said that there was an accomplice her waiting in front of a nightclub. The team went to the victim, also recognized that the.

They were arrested Renato Ribeiro Lima, 26, and Valeria Silva Menezes, 30, and along with a homemade firearm (simulacrum) used in the crime presented to the 1st Integrated Police District (DIP) for appropriate action.

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