Federal Police triggers operation in AM against international drug trafficking

Operation Bitumen occurs in Manaus and Tabatinga.
13/10/2016 15h09 - Updated 14/10/2016 09h37
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The Federal Police of Amazonas flared, on the morning of Thursday (13), operation 'Bitumen', in order to dismantle a criminal organization that operates in the international drug trafficking in the State. Until now, a Peruvian and two lawyers were arrested.

Work began around 6 am, with Effective 100 federal police. The action aimed to meet six remand warrants, two temporary, eight search and seizure warrants, seven forceful warrants, and several warrants of kidnappings and lock goods. The warrants were issued by the Federal Amazonas justice. In State, the operation is also being held in the Tomé-Açu city, no stop, and Curitiba, Paraná.
According to the Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement to (DRE) by PF, responsible for action, investigations have shown that the criminal organization had strong ties in the tri-border region between Brazil, Peru and Colombia, where they acquired the drug, and was led by a Peruvian.

Still according to FP, the organization adopted an elaborate 'modus operandi' for sending large loads of cocaine hydrochloride (high purity cocaine, popularly known as 'fish scale' or 'brightness') to or outside, in which the drug was hidden inside machinery, cylinders, drums and other heavy metal parts, in order to prevent, or at least hamper, its location through the common enforcement actions of security forces.

Hereby sophisticated scheme, the drug was sent from London to countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and North America, places where a kilo of the drug could reach values ​​higher than 100 One thousand dollars, generating astronomical profits for the organization when the drug reached its final destination.

No Brasil, They were seized several shipments of drugs that were in process export to countries such as Senegal and Australia, and also seized, through international cooperation, charges that had left the country, bound for Mexico, U.S, Canada and United Kingdom.

Those involved will be charged with international drug trafficking, money laundering and criminal association.

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