Military Police holds Peruvian involved with drug trafficking in New Aleixo neighborhood

The man was arrested last night (17), after complaint.
18/10/2016 12h24 - Updated 18/10/2016 12h26
Photo: Press Release / PM

Um denounced by Peruvian drug market, He was arrested by the Military Police of Rounds Chichi Cândido Mariano (ROCAM ), last night (17), street Joviânia (former Rio Pardo), New neighborhood Aleixo, in the north of the city.

According to information from the police the car team 2740, patrolling by these neighborhood streets, received popular complaint in a residence of that area said there was a man selling drugs. The team went to the location specified and made the approach to the individual with the characteristics transferred, which was in front of the residence.

The man, Peruvian um identified as Eladio Miranda Bardales, 43, just dubbed "Peruvian", justified selling drugs just to "survive". In search inside the house, They were found around 2 kg of illicit substance with oxy characteristics and a precision scale.

Then, when asked about the source of illegal material, the offender relented that two other individuals were selling drugs in the neighborhood Campos Sales, Also in the West zone, and led the team to a residence on Palm Street, where reside a couple involved in trafficking, however, there was no one in the place and in the neighborhood would have evaded.

Inside the house were found more 800 grams of substance oxy aspect, 100 grams possibly skank and more precision scale. "Peruvian" was presented to the 6th District Integrated Police (DIP) for legal proceedings.

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