Port of Manaus is embargoed for lack of environmental license and emergency plan

The terminal was embargoed by Ibama and has until Sunday (9) to remove all the vessels of the Black River waterfront and out of business.
07/10/2016 15h50 - Updated 9/10/2016 16h07
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The Privatized Port of Manaus has until Sunday (9) to remove all the vessels of the Black River waterfront and out of business. The terminal was embargoed by the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama) this Thursday (6), during operation Ajuricaba, held since the beginning of this week.

The aim of the operation is to check the environmental compliance of major port facilities in the capital of Amazonas and transportation of hazardous petroleum products, for the prevention of accidents arising from ambientas oil spill in Rio Negro.

The inspection found that the Port Private was running without environmental license and without the so-called Individual Emergency Plan, providing response actions in the event of oil spill.

"If there happens an oil spill accident, It would not take any action, and the oil is spread with risk of damage to aquatic biodiversity, water resources and to the health of the population, once the port receives hundreds of passengers, hundreds of vessels, waterway is a transit area ", said the head of the Environmental Division of IBAMA technician at Amazon, Pantoja Geandro.

Today (7) in the morning, Pantoja was representatives of the Port Private. He said that, if the situation is regularized, the embargo could be suspended. "HE [the administration] submit an emergency contract for a service provider company that has capacity response actions in case of oil spill, and lessees companies resume the licensing process [do porto], who was standing in Ipaam [Institute of Amazonas Environmental Protection], You may be asked to Ibama lifting the ban, and so continue operating normally. "

Until now, the Private Port of Manaus did not comment on the embargo.

Operation Ajuricaba was also this week in private port Chibatão, where there was an oil spill on the 1st of this month, during transfer maneuver of oil a ferry to another. The inspection found that the company's documentation is regularized, but that the measures taken to contain the waste spill in the Rio Negro were not appropriate. Ibama and Ipaam are doing a survey of the environmental damage caused by the accident so that the port is later fined.

In a note sent to report on Monday (3), Chibatão the group declared that all oil had been removed and was working to eliminate waste.

The inspection, which ends on Saturday (8), It has the collaboration of the Environmental Police Battalion of the State and the Port.

Source: Agency Brazil

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