PPL leaves Artur base and announces support for Marcelo

It is the second party in less than 48 hours to join the application Marcelo Ramos.
06/10/2016 16h50 - Updated 7/10/2016 12h06
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The Free Fatherland Party (PPL) today announced that the 2nd turn will support the candidacy of Marcelo Ramos for mayor. Or party, which reelected Councilman Dr. Ewerton Wanderley, He broke with Arthur and left the alliance arc of the candidacy of Mayor. It is the second party to abandon Arthur boat this week. While Arthur's support base crumbles, Marcelo Ramos conquer new members every day. Now, besides Serafim Correa, do PSB, Silas Chamber of PRB, and Francisco Praciano, PT, Marcelo has enhanced the PSL, announced that membership in the morning of Thursday (6), and now the PPL.

The alliance of the PPL with Marcelo Ramos was right in the early afternoon, a meeting attended by the state party chairman, José Campelo, the re-elected councilor Ewerton Wanderley, and the first alternate Robson Almeida, or Robinho. "We concluded that Marcelo is the best option for Manaus and it became clear during the first round campaign and especially in debates", justified José Campelo.

The party leadership will give press conference 11am on Friday (07) at PR headquarters to formalize support.

"It is with great joy that I welcome such support, that has nothing to do with secretaries of division or positions for political parties. They are parties that support our program and want the best for Manaus. Everyone has understood that it is the best option is to change rather than continuity ", Marcelo Ramos said at the press of PSL.

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