PRB PSC and reinforce support for Marcelo Ramos

15/10/2016 18h55 - Updated 15/10/2016 18h55
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leaders, militants and former candidates PRB and PSC - the two parties that supported Congressman Silas House (PSC) in the first round and assured him over 115 thousand votes (11,17%) - Met with the candidate Marcelo Ramos (PR) and his deputy, Joshua Neto (PSD), to reaffirm their support for the application of this plate. "We are reaffirming our commitment because they are circulating false that the two parties were news 'divided' between the two candidates", said Silas House. "We had already announced it publicly, but we are reinforcing our commitment and warning that we will work twice in the second round to elect Marcelo Ramos. Let's roll up our sleeves! All we did in the first round, we do twice now ", assured Silas House.

Beside the most voted councilor's election, Joao Luiz (PRB), Alderman Amauri Necklaces (PRB), the state of the PSC president, Milton Barroncas e do presidente municipal do PRB, João Carlos Mello, the candidate for deputy mayor in Silas House plate, Colonel Amadeu said that support for Marcelo Ramos is due to not only the similarity of proposals, "But especially by the commitment of Marcelo to comply with what is in his government program". Colonel Amadeu said that this is an alliance of the majority, once 65% They said no to the current mayor. "No day 30, O 10 is 22 ", strengthened.

Milton Barroncas added that the PRB bet on a more human Manaus, facing health. "O visa program Marcelo, Above all, gem caring people, so the PRB is with him ", he said.
Marcelo thanked the gesture of party presidents and militancy and point that has been the victim of a "central rumors" and that his opponents are trying to create despair among the population. "But they will not be able to. The hope will overcome fear ", assured.

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