Mayor elected in Foreign Ministry has revoked registration after three days of election

Diego Bosco judge concluded that Antonio Maia benefited from the current mayor John Campelo.
06/10/2016 14h37 - Updated 7/10/2016 08h57
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Three days after elected in Itamarati (a 980 kilometers from Manaus), candidates for mayor and vice mayor, Antonio Maia da Silva (THE) and Haroldo Maia Gomes (Pros), respectively, had records disenfranchised by Diego Daniel Dal Bosco judge why Mayor John Campelo, who supported the, I would have fired without cause, the prohibited period by the electoral law, the general assistant Raimundo Gomes de Lima because he and his wife attended the Santa opposition candidate's motorcade (PSDB).

The decision, issued on Sunday afternoon, was made official yesterday with the publication in the Electronic Journal of the Regional Electoral Court (TRE-AM). By analyzing the case, Diego Bosco judge pointed out that one of the prohibited conduct in elections is the appointment or dismissal of civil servants without just cause in the three months before the election to the elected.

Antonio who won with a tight result only 42 difference of votes between the first and second place, He had the fastest impeachment of this election in the Amazon and can only be graduated after reverse this situation.

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