Mayor reelected Northern Watchtower suffer reprisal opposition protesters

Group accuses Nonato of Tenazor Birth (PDT) fraud in municipal elections.
05/10/2016 15h42 - Updated 6/10/2016 09h31
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Protesters tried to break into the house of the re-elected Mayor Nonato of Tenazor Birth (PDT) on Tuesday (4), around 22h in North Watchtower, distant city 1.138 km from Manaus. According to the Military Police (PM), the group is opposed to the mayor. Police from the nearby town of Benjamin Constant were driven to the enhancement of safety at.

Nonato was re-elected with 1.707 votes (29,18%) Contra mistake Giuliano (PMDB) that raised 1.668 (28,51%). The difference between the two was 39 votes. Tenazor is one of the municipal managers of the interior of the Amazon who had reproved the accounts by the ECA-AM last year.


A member of the team Nonato, who declined to be identified, assigns the demonstrations to a nonconformist political group with the election result. They were collecting signatures to deliver to the Electoral under the assumption that two urns in Palmeiras community undermined the election result.

“They want to say that there was fraud in the election. The other candidates are aware of the smoothness that was the election and are not within the manifestation. The weather're heavy, we are concerned about insecurity”, said.

Near 200 people participated in the act. They also tried to enter the Hall and went to the front of the hospital dropping firecrackers and banging pots.

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