Mayors of Itamaraty and Urucará are fined by the ECA-AM in more than R $ 170 one thousand

Full judged irregular supplies of accounts relating to the exercise 2014 e 2013, Mayors of Urucará and Itamaraty, respectively.
18/10/2016 18h56 - Updated 19/10/2016 09h24
Photo: Disclosure / TCE-AM

The full Amazonas State Court of Auditors (TCE-AM) judged irregular supplies of accounts of the mayors of the municipalities of Urucará, Felipe Antonio, for the financial year 2014, and Itamaraty, John Medeiros Campêlo, the year 2013, early on Tuesday (18).

According to the Hearing Officer of the municipality of Urucará process, Mario de Mello, some of the irregularities that led the manager to get about R $ 74 thousand in fines and glosses were the absence of the compositions in unit costs of contractor, constituents of the analytical budget invitation letter; absence of any plant / project, which graphically represents the object of the contract; and not obedience to the physical and financial schedule established in the Basic Design. The deadline for the return value is 30 days.

Already the main irregularities found in the mayor's Foreign Ministry accounts, John Medeiros Campêlo, of advisor Julio Cabral rapporteurship, They were failure to submit justifications for the lack of receipts of all service charges held, such as checks, bank orders and / or other substantiation of payments for services rendered; and failure to provide reasons for the absence of authorization to carry out the bidding. Fines and disallowance amount to R $ 101 one thousand.

Still they had the bills disapproved by the collegiate Municipal former secretary of Housing and Land Affairs Nagib Hissa Abraham Son, and the Municipal Secretary of Housing and Land Affairs Danízio Elias de Souza, for the financial year 2013. The fines were R $ 16 thousand for the former secretary and R $ 8,7 thousand to former undersecretary, applied because of irregularities such as lack of information on ACP system of advances granted in the exercise of 2013; and lack of electronic control Biometric.

Regular with caveats
Were judged regular with caveats benefits of the Mayor of Boca do Acre accounts, exercise 2014, Radir de Souza Magalhaes, for the year 2014; the Mayor of Anori, Nailson Martins Garces, exercise 2015, with fine of R $ 6.3000; and the Secretary of State Joint Public Policy to Social Movements and Popular - SEARP, José Raimundo Sousa Farias, exercise 2015, with fine of R $ 3 one thousand.

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