Prisoners of the Public Jail is transferred to UPP

A convoy of 14 vehicles, among vans, micro bus, box truck and vehicles made the transport of 167 internal.
11/10/2016 13h50 - Updated 12/10/2016 10h10
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The Secretary of State for Prison Administration (SEAP), He held on the morning of Tuesday, day 11, emptying the Jailhouse Judge Raimundo Vidal Pessoa (CPDRVP). All the 167 inmates who were housed in the unit were transferred to Prison Unit Puraquequara (UP), located at kilometer 2 extension Bela Vista, in Puraquequara neighborhood, East of Manaus.

The action initiated by 6pm laps, and was coordinated by the Deputy Executive Secretary of the SEAP, Major Amazonas Military Police (PMAM) Jorge Rebello, and the coordinator of the Penitentiary System, enderson Steps. The transfer of prisoners was taken by the effective SEAP, sectors of the Coordination of Prisons (Cosipe), Department of Penitentiary Intelligence (dipen) and servers of prisons in the capital. The PM has supported the action with vehicles and police strengthening Tactical Force. A convoy of 14 vehicles, among vans, micro bus, box truck and vehicles made the transport of 167 internal. The transfer took place without change to the UPP in the neighborhood of Puraquequara.

The CPDRVP still receive until 24 of October, the prisoners who will enter the prison system. From that date all the inmates who will enter the prison system of the capital will be forwarded to the Central Receiving and Screening, It will work in a ward at the Provisional Detention Center Male (CDPM), located at kilometer 8 BR-174 (Manaus-Itacoatiara). The Jailhouse will effectively be disabled with the delivery of the building to the Secretary of State for Culture (SEC) until the day 31 of October. Disabling is a fulfillment of the determination of the National Justice Council (CNJ), after visiting the drive 2013.

For the Secretary of State Pedro Florencio deactivating the chain is given the precarious conditions of jail facilities. "Currently the public chain is in situation of precariousness and inhuman conditions to accommodate persons deprived of liberty, We can not exceed the right to dignity of the prisoners ", said Secretary.

Initially the name of Manaus House of Detention, a, today, Jailhouse Judge Raimundo Vidal Pessoa started construction in 1904 and completed in 1906, by architects Emygdio Lot José Ferreira and the Director General of Public Works J. Estelita Jorge, the government of Antonio Constantino Nery, established by Law No. 524 from 18 October 1906, colonial, with an area of 15 thousand square meters, It was inaugurated in 19 March 1907. No period 1913 a 1916, the prison population reached 130 (one hundred and thirty) convicts.

In 24 August 1928, the Ephigênio Sales Ferreira Governor, sanctioned law that modified the name of Manaus House of Detention, changing its name to Amazonas State Penitentiary, in 1942, by Law 8, from 10 of June, Alvaro Maia, federal inspector, He changed the name to the Central Prison State. By Law No. 1478, from 03 December 1981, sanctioned by the then State Governor Jose woody went to Central Prison Unit (UPICENTRO) and by Law 1694, from 15 July 1985, signed by the governor of Amazonas, Gilberto Mestrinho de Medeiros Raposo, Central Prison Unit spent called the Penitentiary Judge Raimundo Vidal Pessoa, thus maintaining even 1999, When, at the opening of Closed Regime Prison Complex Anísio Jobim, now has the name of Jailhouse Judge Raimundo Vidal Pessoa.

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