Pension Manaus is known for good management practices

The institution is on the list of bodies that have obtained the award "Best Practices of Social Security Management" of Aneprem.
11/10/2016 14h00 - Updated 12/10/2016 10h10
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The Pension Manaus is among the 10 large institutions in the country that had its good management recognized and, that is why, It is on the list of bodies that have obtained the award "Best Practices of Social Security Management", the National Association of State Pension Entities and Municipalities (Aneprem).

In its seventh version, the association announced the results of the award on Monday, 10, in total 44 participation of management units of Regimes of Social Security (RPPS), divided into large categories, medium and small.

The award ceremony will take place on 8, during the 16th National Congress of the Security Aneprem, to be held in Victory (IS), period not 7 a 9 from November. "The award is recognition of the association's way of managing responsibly and austerity of Manaus Security", He emphasized the CEO of the local authority, Marcelo Magaldi.

In the category Large Size, which ran for Manaus Security, They signed up 16 RPPS. Of these, four obtained no rating, between them, The pensions of the states of Espirito Santo and Rondônia. And others, from
States and larger scale municipalities, even signed up.

Among the criteria for qualification, Regularity is the Certificate of Social Security (CRP), issued administratively and valid in the registration act, and proof of good management practices. The pension
Manaus won the seventh place.

The award aims to encourage the management units of the RPPS developed best management practices, through actions that optimize performance, so as to ensure reliability or recover towards its servers,
insured, customers, suppliers and society in general. Brazil currently has over 2 RPPS thousand according to the Ministry of Welfare.

The section chief of the Technical Advisory (Astec), the manager Marcia Asuncion, out to be among the 10 RPPS of Brazil with recognized good management means valuing the Manaus Security mark, winning reliability
with the sectors it operates and, mainly, be in the direction of the reach of the local authority's vision, which is to disseminate the social security culture among public servants in the city of Manaus and a national reference as
institution managing pension to 2020.

"We achieved the seventh place in the ranking of Aneprem and our goal, in 2017, It is to be among the first three. We are also preparing our participation in other awards, such as the Pro-Management and Quality Program
do Amazonas, assessing public management and related services ", said.

In the short term, the manager said that the Manauense security will intensify the good practices adopted, make refinements periodically in order to improve those that are not yet mature, work to implement new practices, and innovate as necessary. "It is an action plan that will be adopted in order to implement the not yet adopted practices and pointed out the prize, with defined dates, responsible and
costs ", finished.

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