Project that aims to reduce recidivism in crimes meets defendants on bail in Manaus

Speeches, aconselhamentos, professional training and presentation of assistance programs are among the main activities.
18/10/2016 17h04 - Updated 18/10/2016 17h30
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The project Reducing Return to Jail (re-educate), conducted by the Ombudsman of Amazonas (ECD-AM) in partnership with the Amazon Court (TJAM), meet this year 1.203 defendants on bail offering activities aimed at social inclusion. Speeches, aconselhamentos, professional training and entrepreneurial practices and presentation of assistance programs are among the main activities.

"The program aims to provide beneficiaries preventive actions, educational and ressocializador, so that they can develop their own sense of responsibility and humanization and rescue its citizens rights ", says the coordinator To re-educate the DPE-AM, public defender Miguel Tinoco Alencar.

Every fortnight, every Monday, participating in the project take part in series of lectures in the auditorium of Henoch Reis Forum, in Aleixo, Central South zone of Manaus, conducted by DPE-AM and TJAM in partnership with institutions such as the Order of Lawyers of Brazil Sectional Amazon (OAB), Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous, religious organizations and NGOs Move Brazil, besides the Departments of Social Assistance State (Seas) and Manaus Prefecture (Semasdh) and Education (Seduc).

In technical and vocational training area, the project has partners such as the State Department of Labor (Setrab), Amazon Technological Education Center (Cetam), Senac, Senai and Sebrae.

The initiative, the goal of the project, according to Miguel Tinoco Alencar, also help reduce overcrowding and make the beneficiaries are able to have a decent return to social life and the labor market.

According to the judge Eulinete Melo Silva Tribuzy, one of the founders of the re-educate, the project opens new horizons. "Coming out of prison, lack of support may cause the back end charged the following day. Much of this is due to lack of family support, that some of fear. Some of them lose their homes to make payment to their lawyers. There is no doubt that they all need guidance, a path”, highlights the Judge.

Alcoholics Aônimos participate in the project
For Antonio Maciel, one of the representatives of Alcoholics Anonymous, the entity's participation in the re-educate is key. "Many of the crimes committed here are caused by abuse of alcohol and other drugs. They first need to remember that alcohol is also a drug and can cause serious illness. Warn about this danger, many of them here know and still can not get out, it's essential, show that we have a support group also prepared to receive them ", says.

One of the speakers, representative of the OAB-AM, Josemar Bersou, accompanying the project from the beginning, sees the initiative as a pioneer in Brazil. "No other state of our federation before had created a project like this, leading the newly egress the prison system to attend lectures of general nature. Here we talk about everything, of health, work, abandonment of drugs and tried to carry edifying messages and show other ways that can be taken. The cell is a tomb for which they need not go back if they do not ", highlights.

Gilberto Pícolo, Community Council member of the Court of Criminal Executions, also spoke at the last meeting of the re-educate. "Participating as a representative of the Council is to bring the information reeducation of our work done with the prisons, checking the conditions and reporting it to the Secretariat Penitentiary and the judges of the Court of Criminal Executions. Along with the other organs, even with the state of debilitation, we want to show us as a protection, there is a team to help, It is what we want ", highlights.

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