PSL formalizes landing the Arthur campaign and joins the candidacy of Marcelo

The decision was announced on the morning of Thursday, day 6.
06/10/2016 11h29 - Updated 6/10/2016 14h45
Photo: Playback / Facebook

The PSL's former state representative Tony Medeiros and elected vice president of Parintins, beyond Massami Miki councilor, It is the first party to land the candidacy of current Mayor Arthur Neto (PSDB) and embark on the application Marcelo Ramos (PR). The PSL until then walked with Arthur, but he came away from the confirmation of the covenant Arthur X Eduardo Braga.

Earlier on Thursday (6), Marcelo Ramos posted publication on your Facebook page, talking about the decision of the Social Liberal Party.

Check out the full publication:

“The PSL has a very symbolic value because it is the first party to land another application and come to our. When passing the first round, you already know what each each wants to Manaus and the PSL is symbolic because it is the demonstration that the campaign of our opponent thwarts even the people who walked with him in the first round. I also want to warn you that the PSL is only the first party that comes out of there and come here. There are other parties who wish to also embrace this sense of change that is the feeling that is the heart and soul of the people manauara. Let's get out of here united and determined to convince more people in this process of change and I'm sure that day 30 we will have a beautiful victory. A victory that none of my vanity or Joshua. It is the victory of giving a chance to Manaus to live better days.”.

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