Gang is arrested for involvement in the businessman's death in Manaus

The robbery took place on 17 July, in Newfoundland neighborhood, North Zone.
10/10/2016 13h45 - Updated 10/10/2016 13h45
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Four people were arrested suspected of involvement in the robbery of Ildemy Barbosa Santos businessman, from 51 years. Fábio Junior de Lima Lima, from 25 years; Maria Rita Miguel Glory, 31; Gelsiane Souza Silva, 19, and Dayvison Silva, from 22 years were arrested in the operation conducted by the team Specialized Police in Robbery, Theft and defrauding (Derfd), on Friday (7). Another suspect identified as “Neguinho”, remains at large.

Second or delegate, Adriano Felix, the crime occurred on the afternoon of 17 July this year, in a building materials store that belonged to the victim, located in Andirá-Açu Street, former Rio Negro Street, Colony neighborhood Newfoundland, area north of the city. According to Adriano Felix, the gang was arrested during police action triggered last Friday, day 7, the teams Derfd. Work began around 9 am, with the interception of Fabio, on public road, in the City of God neighborhood, North Zone.

Continuing the steps, teams found Dayvison around 9 am, Set in John Paul, neighborhood Santa Etelvina, North Zone. At 11am Gelsione was arrested at a club located on Avenida Constantino Nery, neighborhood Chapada, Central South area of ​​the city. Already Maria Rita was soon arrested and then, in Christian Street Address, Colony neighborhood Newfoundland, North Zone. The group was arrested in compliance with the preventive arrest warrants, issued on Friday, day 7 of October, by Eliezer Fernandes Junior judge, 2nd Criminal Court.

During the press conference the holder of Derfd explained that the crime of the day the business was doing service in the store when approached by Fabio and another individual, identified only as "Neguinho", which is already being investigated by police. In this ocasion, offenders passed by clients and then announced the theft. Ildemy reacted to the offense and ran toward the store office, when it was targeted by two gun shots made by Fábio. The businessman was also rescued by officials of the premises and taken to the Hospital and Emergency Room Delphina Rinaldi Abdel Aziz, Avenida Torquato Tapajós, but he succumbed to his injuries and died in hospital.

second Felix, shortly after the crime, specialized teams requested the local security cameras and, from the captured images, They were able to identify some offenders. "During the processing of the police investigation could reach in two former employees of business establishment, Dayvison and Maria Rita, who gave inside information to the rest of the group. Through the investigations Derfd, we can identify each of the crime scene ", said.

The delegate stressed that Gelsione and his mate, Maria Rita, They articulated all the action and called the rest of the group to put into practice the offense. "Fabio and" Neguinho "entered the establishment and approached the victim. Fabio was the person who made the shots that hit the business and "Neguinho" took the victim's gun, caliber handgun 38. no offense, Gelsione, plus joint action, on the day of the offense took the two cronies to commit the crime ", He detailed the holder Derfd.

Adriano said Felix, still, that the crime was attended by another element, identified as Fabricio Carlos de Souza Cardoso, known as "Chubby", Fabio's brother. "Fabrizio was arrested by teams of Derfd on 19 September this year, together with four others, at the time it would steal a site located at kilometer 36 the state highway AM-010. We will continue investigations to find "Neguinho" and retrieve the gun from the shop owner ", finished.

The group was charged with armed robbery. At the end of the procedures applicable Fábio, Dayvison and Gelsione will be forwarded to the Public Jail Judge Raimundo Vidal Pessoa, in Manaus Center. Maria Rita will be taken to the Provisional Detention Center Female (CDPF).

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