Revenue releases payment of the fifth batch of IR refunds 2016

The list of names will be available on Revenue's web site.
17/10/2016 10h20 - Updated 17/10/2016 16h25
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The IRS released the refund of the fifth batch of Personal Income Tax 2016. altogether, received R $ 2,576 billion around 2,2 million taxpayers. They are also paid R $ 124,2 million 55,3 thousand taxpayers who made the statement between 2008 e 2015, but they were in the fine mesh. Considering the residual lots and payment of 2015, the total expenditure on refunds will reach R $ 2,7 billion.

The list of names will be available on Revenue's web site. The query can also be made by Receitafone, not number 146. Revenue also offers application for tablets and smartphones, which allows tracking of refunds.

Refunds will fix 6,71%, for or batch of 2016, a 88,28% for or batch of 2008. In all cases, the contents are based on the Selic rate (basic interest rates) accumulated between the submission of the declaration by this month.

Deposit in the accounts

The money will be deposited in the accounts reported in statement. Taxpayers who do not receive the refund should go to any Bank of Brazil agency or call phones 4004-0001 (capital), 0800-729-0001 (other locations) e 0800-729-0088 (exclusive special phone for the deaf) to access the payment.

The last two regular lots will be released in November and December. If you are outside these lots, taxpayers should seek the IRS because the names may be in fine mesh for errors or omissions in the declaration.

The refund will be available for one year. If redemption is not made within, the request must be processed through the electronic form – application for refund payment, or directly on the e-CAC , processing extract service, on page recipe on the Internet.

Source: Agency Brazil

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