Political reform: PMDB was the victorious party in municipal elections, says Renan

Renan, elections showed the desire of society to an urgent political reform.
04/10/2016 13h57 - Updated 4/10/2016 14h03
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Senate President, Renan Calheiros, he said today (4) his party, o PMDB, increased in relation to municipal elections 2012. "It was the party that elected mayors more. Had 14,7 million votes. in this regard, He lost only to the PSDB, had 17 millions, but half of those votes in São Paulo. The PMDB was the victor of the elections and remains the largest party in the midst of this complex party spray ".

The Superior Electoral Court data, PMDB remained as the party with the largest number of municipalities. Oh PMDB fez 1.021 mayors in 2012 e, this year, elected 1.028.

Have the PSDB came out of the first round of municipal elections this year as the party that grew most in comparison with the results of the previous election, in 2012. In number of municipalities won in Sunday's election (2), the party came second, atrás do PMDB. The PSDB, that elected 695 mayors for four years, won now, in the first round, 793 prefectures, with growth 14%, and it is in the second round contest in several municipalities.

Renan, elections showed the desire of society to an urgent political reform. The municipal election this year recorded the highest abstention rate history: but of 25 million eligible citizens did not vote nationwide.

"We need, more than ever, policy reform. These elections show, about everything, that the company was keen to indicate ways for this reform, it is urgent. If the policy does not reinvent, do not change, she will lose prestige every election. It's time to do a deep political reform ", said the President of the Senate.

Source: Agency Brazil

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